Instagram’s Music Feature Not Working — How To Fix?

Instagram users have rushed towards Twitter to complain about Instagram’s music feature, users seem frustrated as their favorite feature is not working. Here is why the feature has stopped working and how to fix the issue.

Frustration is increasing among Instagram users as the platform’s performance is deteriorating with each passing day. Recently users were upset about Instagram’s decision of removing the link option from the platform. Several users expressed their displeasure over twitter as the photo-sharing application warned the users about removing the option.

Few users exclaimed how Instagram’s decision has affected their income. However, Instagram’s music feature has also stopped working and users are complaining about it on Twitter. Several days have passed since the glitch was first reported but it isn’t being fixed yet.

Why Is Music Feature Not Working On Instagram Stories?

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Instagram users across the world are reporting that Instagram’s music feature has stopped working. Thousands of users have reported the issue on Twitter but Instagram hasn’t addressed this issue yet.

 As the issue is prevailing for more than a week now, users are getting frustrated. Instagram’s music feature has become immensely popular among the users and this bizarre glitch has made them upset.

As users are trying to add music, they are getting a pop-up notification that reads, ‘No results found’. Some users have even reinstalled, updated, and re-launched the app but the error still prevails.

This isn’t the first time users have reported feature glitches on Instagram. But, never in history has Instagram taken this long to fix the error. Most users perceived that the glitch will be fixed in a day or two but the issue still prevails.

Addressing the issue, one user wrote on Twitter, “I know, and it’s a few days like that now. Assumed it would be sorted after a day. And no Instagram alert to users either.”

With each passing day, users are thinking of quitting the platform for its poor performance. One Twitter user who is tired of the app’s performance wrote, “@instagram music is not working on Stories, on a personal account. Have tried everything. Still showing, no results found. And #Instagram is not even resolving the issue. Worst app!

Another user said, What the hell @instagram !!! Music on Story is not working. It shows ‘No Results Found’ when a song is searched. Tried to uninstall/reinstall, update and restart. #bug

How To Fix Instagram Music Feature?

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Although the music feature wasn’t available for the Instagram business accounts, it has now stopped working for personal accounts as well.

Several users are requesting Instagram to resolve their issues but the app hasn’t responded to any of the queries yet.

One annoyed user wrote on Twitter, “Hello @instagram, My account music section is not working. They show No Results Found Please solve my problem immediately. Many more glitches Found in Instagram Hopefully all shorted ASAP. And please fix my current problem! Please”

Many users are inquiring if the issue is faced by them alone or they are together with all other users. Here is how users are reporting the issue over Twitter:

One user inquired, Instagram music is not working and it’s pissing me off. Anyone else going through this?

Another wrote, “@instagram the music function is not working again… can’t search for anything. Just returns no results found. Help would be appreciated!”

The complaints regarding Instagram’s Music Feature Not Working initially got traction on Twitter on the 17th of October. Six days have passed already but the issue still persists on the app.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the Instagram music feature glitch and users’ reactions to it. Here, it is important to mention that, no possible fix for this issue has been reported yet.

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