Why Are TikTok User Making Their Pfp Look Devilish?

An enormous number of users on TikTok is placing the devil emoji in their pfp but Why Are TikTok User Making Their Pfp Look Devilish? Is it a new cult or a new trend? Let’s find out.

After every short interval, the TikTok users come up with a new “cult” that baffles the rest of the audience. Sometimes, these cults are designed in favor of some humanitarian moment like #blacklivesmatter, while on other days it might be just a group of TikTokers who are united for a common purpose.

This isn’t the first time we are witnessing a huge number of users having a common Pfp, in the past also we have witnessed many similar incidents. Some of the popular cases when people had common pfp’s were, Step Chicken’s Cult when people had a blue profile picture. Followed by this was the Lana Cult which filled the app with pictures of Lana Del Rey. And the most recent cult to go viral was Vegeta Cult” when people flooded the foryou page with stuff related to Vegeta Cult.

 Currently, users are making their pfp’s look devilish by putting a devil emoji in their profile picture. Here is what the trend talks about.

What Is Menace Cult on TikTok?

Image Of What Is Menace Cult on TikTok

The latest cult to take the foyou page with the storm is the Menace cult. The users are creating videos and asking their fellow users to join the trend. The followers of Menace Cult are using a devil emoji all dressed in black. Depending on the post you see, the emoji’s exact look vary. Some emojis resemble anime characters while others are simply having a black hat.

By looking at the devil emoji, it seems like the cult might be a dangerous one, but the reality is different. It is just a mechanism that TikTok users are using to boost their follower counts and to identify like-minded users.

To join the cult all you need to do is change your profile picture to a devil emoji. The TikTok users who are following the devil cult aka Menace Cult have come up with several versions of emoji, you can choose your favorite devil emoji avatar to be part of this viral cult.

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Devil Emoji In Pfp Meaning

Image Of Devil Emoji In Pfp Meaning

To ask other users for joining the trend, Menace Cult followers are rolling hundreds of videos. Some of these videos are featuring the song “Ryte Night” by NBA Youngboy as the background track while many others have used a song from the rapper, “FREEDDAWG”.

As far as the meaning of Menace Cult is concerned, there is no any confirmed information nor do people have any idea about Why Are TikTok User Making Their Pfp Look Devilish. It is a trend whose origin also isn’t clear. But it has rapidly taken over the foryou page of TikTok.

It is obvious that most of the cults have a hidden meaning behind them but it doesn’t stand true in the case of Menace Cult.

This cult is started by a group of like-minded users whose ulterior motive is to baffle the TikTok users. So, the users who love spreading curiosity have grouped up to confuse the rest of the audience. And to some extent, they have accomplished their goal. Most of the TikTok users are curious to know the meaning of this trend but they are unable to find any logic behind the devilish emojis hence they have ended up disappointed.

Bottom Line

Although the motive of TikTok users’ changing their pfp to devil emojis is unknown, users believe it’s a bizarre trend to confuse other users. Do you agree with this opinion or not? Let us know in the below comment box.

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