Why Did Brooke And Jacob Breakup? Explored

The popular TikTok stars Brooke Roberts and Jacob Stephens have announced their breakup and fans are wondering why did they split their ways. Most of their social media fans are not able to come to terms with it. Here we have gathered all the details about Brooke and Jacob’s breakup.

Brooke Roberts and Jacob Stephens were a famous couple of TikTok. The duo became popular following their adorable relationship. However, they have broken the hearts of many fans recently by announcing their breakup. Fans are shocked to hear this sudden news and they have taken it to several social media platforms.

The duo opened up about their breakup in a detailed statement. Here are what reasons have made Brooke and Jacob break up.

Who Are Brooke And Jacob From TikTok?

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Jacob and Brooke got popular following their joint TikTok account. They used to post adorable couple videos from their TikTok handle and from the same handle, they have now revealed about their breakup.

In the statement rolled recently, the couple began with an apology to their followers for being aloof recently.

Although the duo has not revealed the exact reason behind their breakup, they explained that both of them have decided on what is better for their mental health.

In the statement rolled to reveal their breakup, the couple wrote:

“We have decided to go out separate ways. We will always have love for each other. Some things just don’t work out. We hope we can re-connect one day in the future.

“We will always support each other and be each other’s biggest fans. We wouldn’t have traded our time together for the world. Our love was so pure and unique. Everything we shared with y’all was genuine”.

“We want you all to know to never lose hope. True love does exist we know because we had it and we always will. There will never be another person that will amount to how we felt/still feel about each other. But for now, we have to do what’s best for us mentally”.

The statement further read, “Thank y’all for your continuous support throughout our journey, we couldn’t have done it without y’all. We will always cherish the time we were able to share with you all. Please remember, we are humans too, it isn’t easy. This is very difficult for us so please be kind with your words.”

Why Did Famous TikTok Content Creators Brooke And Jacob Breakup?

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Though Brooke and Jacob have announced their breakup, they haven’t revealed the actual reason behind splitting their ways.

The couple was committed for a long time, thus they have revealed how difficult it was for them to separate their ways. The couple posted a video celebrating their third anniversary on October 14, 2021. It clearly states that the couple had dated for over three years now.

Fans are unable to believe that their favorite TikTok couple isn’t together anymore.

Even though the breakup is just revealed, fans had sensed the void in a video posted by the couple on December 25, 2021. Following the video, fans had an opinion that Brooke wasn’t herself in the video and she seemed to fake the expressions.

Fans have expressed their shock on Twitter and various other social media platforms. One fan said, “I NEVER THOUGHT THIS WOULD HAPPEN”

Another added, “Thank you for sharing your beautiful relationship with all of us. Wishing you both the best as you move forward”

“Being a 3-year relationship couple as well, you guys handled this so well and I pray for you both. Your love was so genuine just through TikTok”, wrote another.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about why Did Brooke and Jacob Breakup and their fans’ reaction to it. Hopefully, you have found answers to all your queries.

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