What Happened To Whitney Frost’s Son? Explored

TikTok users are pouring messages extending prayers for Whitney Frost’s son but what exactly has happened to her son? We have pieced together all the available information about Whitney’s son. Have a look!

While TikTok is the top platform for entertainment, there also are creators who share their life journeys with their followers. These content creators are the real influencers as they try to show the bitter realities of their life to their followers.

One such content creator who has informed all her followers of her hardships and struggles is Whitney Frost. Just recently, she has shared her experience as a mother of a child who is battling a serious disease. As soon as her followers have come to know about her troubles, they have started pouring her comment section with words of prayer.

Here is why TikTok users are sending prayers to Whitney’s son.

What Happened To TikTok Content Creator Whitney’s Son?

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Whitney Frost is a social media influencer who has a fan following of 1 million and has earned over 74.7 million likes on all her videos. Alongside her social media career, she is a full-time mom. Whitney is the mom of three young kids, Riley and Harrison, and Natalie. Harrison and Riley are suffering from infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD).

The social media influencer has just revealed that her son Harrison has just left the world. She wrote, “Harrison passed away today (Jan 1) at 3:35 pm.” She further wrote, “He went quickly and did not suffer.”

Whitney further explained, “We are devastated. But glad he’s no longer in pain.”

She also informed her Instagram followers about the loss. Whitney wrote on Instagram saying, “My son is gone. But I’m grateful for the time we did have with him. He was the happiest kid I have ever seen in my life. Our hearts are broken but we need to be strong for Natalie and Riley.”

As revealed by Rare Genomics, Infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy is an exceptional, genetic neurological disorder that results in “onset of motor and intellectual regression.”

Some of its consequences are diminished muscle tones and are termed hypotonia. This means the child will be weak and ‘floppy’ as compared to other normal kids.

Why Are TikTok Users Sending Prayers To Whitney Frost’s Son?

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After sharing the unfortunate news, Whitney has shared another video on her TikTok handle that sees her sharing how Harrison’s sudden demise has influenced their lives.

In the latest video, she can be heard saying Riley, who also is suffering from the same disease is also not doing really great. “Riley is not doing that great,” the mom of three said. She further revealed the medical issues Riley is currently facing.

Following the news revealed by Whitney, her followers are sending her prayers and condolences.

Whitney also has launched a GoFundMe page for her children. In the bio of the GoFundMe page, she has explained that her husband is also not doing well and is suffering medical issues of his own. She has received over $17,000 in response to her GoFundMe campaign.

In one another video, Whitney has revealed that she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree and her husband is the only breadwinner.

Her oldest daughter Whitney is currently 15-years-old.  Whitney also has shared several posts introducing her extended family to her followers.

If you want to help her in this difficult situation, you can donate to her GoFundMe campaign.

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Last Words

This was all about what has happened to Whitney Frost’s son and her daughter Riley. Hopefully, we have provided all the details you needed to know.

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