Why Did Instagram Remove Filters In Texas And Illinois? Debunked

Instagram users in Texas and Illinois are upset as Instagram has removed the filters, but why did it remove them? We have gathered all the details here in this blog. Stay tuned!

With each passing day, Instagram users are getting an extra reason to quit the platform. In this past week, Instagram users were reporting an error that restricted them from sending messages. In the previous month, they were complaining over Twitter saying their feeds are not getting updated.

Such glitches have become a norm for Instagram now, and the users do not seem happy with the platform’s performance.

Since yesterday, users hailing from Texas and Illinois were reporting that they were unable to access the filters section and now they have come to know that Insta has removed the filters in these particular regions, but did it take such a decision? Users are curious to know!

Did Instagram Remove Filters In Texas And Illinois But Why?

Image Of Instagram Took Away Filters In Texas And Illinois And Here Is Why

Until today, the users perceived it to be a glitch and they were asking Instagram to fix the issue. However, they have now come to know that Instagram has taken away the filters in these two regions, and users are shocked to hear this.

Most Instagram users have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure regarding the decision. However, it’s not Instagram that has removed the filters but the facial recognition laws of both regions have made it to do this.

A lawsuit was filed in Texas by the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, which revealed that social media sites captured the biometrics of the users without their knowledge.

The reason how the Instagram filters break the law is that “they learn a user’s face and can automatically tag or associate a person with an image, typically without the consent of the user being tagged.”

Following this lawsuit, any filter that is using “facial geometry,” such as “augmented reality” filters, is prohibited in the said states.

Users residing in these regions can have access to the filters that alter the background or image colors only, but the ones that use the users’ facial geometry are strictly prohibited.

Here is how users on Twitter have shared their opinion about this decision. One user wrote, “I’m so mad…I can’t use face filters on Instagram…Texas banned them. GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!”

Another said, “This is the only time I hate living in Texas. Why are my filters down #instagram?”

Instagram Took Away Filters In Texas And Illinois And Here Is Why

Image Of Did Instagram Remove Filters In Texas And Illinois But Why

The Instagram users living in Texas and Illinois are not happy with this decision. They have an opinion that they are the ones who have the right to choose whether or not to use the filters, nobody else can implement such decisions on them.

The grumpy users have taken it to Twitter to express their displeasure over the decision. Here is what users have written over Twitter:

One user wrote: “IK that Texas banning most Instagram story filters is such a stupid thing to be upset about, but it’s so frustrating that of alllllll the things wrong in the world, THAT is the issue they choose to focus on.”

Another said This whole Texas Instagram filter thing is affecting my job LMAO. There’s a filter I use for the vampire shop that I literally don’t have access to right now,”

The users are regretting being the citizens of Texas and Illinois.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about why did Instagram remove the filters for users living in Texas and Illinois. Hopefully, you have got the reason behind this major development. What’s your opinion over this decision? Let us know in the comment section below.

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