How To Fix Instagram Failed To Send Message Error — Explained

On Tuesday 10th May, Instagram users are reporting the ‘Failed To Send Message’ error and are looking for a fix, how to fix this issue? We have provided a few potential fixes here in this article. Keep reading!

Just another day and another Instagram error!  While Instagram is constantly working on updating its features and is rolling out new features each day, users do not seem happy with its current performance. Just a few weeks back we were talking about the Instagram feature that enables the users to like the stories and now we are here discussing just another glitch.

Nonetheless, Instagram users are not happy with the platform’s performance as their messages are bouncing back saying ‘Failed To Send Message’ here is what the error is all about and how possibly you can fix it.

Instagram’s Failed To Send Message Error

Image Of Instagram’s Failed To Send Message Error

Instagram’s Failed To Send Message Error is a viral glitch that has affected thousands of app users across the globe. Following this error, the messages that users are sending are bouncing back and an error pops up on the screen saying ‘Failed To Send Message’.

As the users are unable to fix this issue anyway, they have taken it to Twitter to find if they are alone in this. However, it’s not about a single user, but thousands of users are complaining about this error so we can conclude that it is again an Instagram glitch.

Here is how users are complaining about the error:

One user asked, “Is anyone else experiencing bugs on Instagram? I’m getting a “failed to send message” prompt”.

Another wrote, “Ayo @instagram what’s up with all the “failed to send” DMs? Can’t send memes & reels to the bros. Why?”

“Why are all of my DM’s “failed to send” on Instagram?!” asked another user.

“If I get one more “failed to send” on Instagram imma flip out”, said one grumpy user.

“Why while sending an Insta post to someone via DM on Instagram it says: Failed to send message?? Any idea ??, asked another user.

Although users are quite annoyed and they have mentioned Instagram support several times in their queries, the app has not responded to any of the queries yet.

How To Fix Instagram’s Failed To Send Message Error

Image Of How To Fix Instagram’s Failed To Send Message Error

Instagram has not responded to any of the queries of users nor has it provided an official fix. However, below we have provided a couple of fixes that might help you get rid of this error.

  • Firstly, check if your internet is working well. Restart your internet device as it might be the problem behind this issue.
  • The next possible fix suggested by Instagram users is to re-login to your profile. To do so, you will first be required to log out of your handle and then re-login.
  • The issue might also be caused by a device that hasn’t updated the Instagram app to its latest version. Make sure your app is updated to its latest version.
  • Another reason you are encountering this issue might be, the incorrect time and date on your phone. This can conflict with the app, thus such problems may occur.
  • The next reason might be the limited space on your device. Make sure you have enough space on your device to enable the app to function properly.
  • The Instagram cache might also be a factor causing this error. So, do clear the cache regularly.
  • If none of the above fixes work, reach Instagram support for further assistance or wait for the developers to fix the glitch.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the ‘Failed To Send Message’ error on Instagram is and how you can fix it. Hopefully, you will get rid of this error soon.

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