Why Is Instagram Feed Not Updating? Explained

Instagram users are annoyed as the photo and video-sharing app has stopped updating the feed. If you are among these users, here is why the Instagram feed is not updating and some possible fixes.

While Instagram is rolling out new features each day, users seem disappointed with its current performance. Just yesterday we were talking about the Instagram feature that enables the users to like the stories and it is currently made available in some regions.

However, users don’t seem happy with this new feature as their feed is creating trouble for them. Usually, upon refreshing the feed section, users get to see new content but the app is not functioning this way now. Some users have complained that their feed is not refreshing properly for over a week now.

If you are among the users facing trouble following your feed, here is why your Instagram feeds not updating.

How To Fix Instagram Feed Not Updating Issue?

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Users on Instagram are frustrated to see the application showing the same content for hours. After not being able to understand the reason behind the content not being updated, users have taken it to Twitter and other social media platforms.

Some users had taken the issue to other social media platforms in order to inquire if they are the only ones suffering from the glitch. However, several other users also came forward to complain about their Insta feed not working properly.

If you are among such users who are frustrated seeing the same content on their Instagram feed, here we are providing some possible fixes to the issue. Have a look!

  • Firstly, check if your internet is working well. Restart your internet device as it might be the problem behind this issue.
  • The next possible fix suggested by Instagram users is to re-login to your profile. To do so, you will firstly be required to log out of your handle and the re-login.
  • The issue might also be caused on a device that hasn’t updated the Instagram app to its latest version. Make sure your app is updated to its latest version.
  • Another reason you are encountering this issue might be, incorrect time and date on your phone. This can conflict with the app, thus such problems may occur.
  • Next reason might be the limited space on your device. Make sure you have enough space on your device to enable the app function properly.
  • Instagram cache might also be a factor causing this error. So, do clear the cache regularly.
  • If none of the above fixes work, reach the Instagram support for further assistance

Instagram Feed Not Updating But Why?

Image Of Instagram Feed Not Updating But Why

Although several users have reported the issue, Instagram has not replied to any of the concerns. This is aiding the user’s rage.

Here is what users have to say about this technical issue on Instagram:

One user wrote, “Seriously @instagram it’s been a week and my feed still isn’t updating properly. Proper passing me off now!!!”

Another said, “Why is my Instagram not updating my feed, it’s been the same post for 2 days ago smh”.

“@instagram my app has not been refreshing my feed for the last 24 hours. Stories and everything else is refreshing, just not posts. HELP”, wrote another user.

“Mine stopped refreshing since yesterday afternoon. It’s so frustrating but glad I’m not the only one,” tweeted another user.

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The Last Words

This was all the available information about why Instagram is not updating the feed.  Hopefully, we are able to deliver all the available information here in this article.

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