Woman Uses Random Names for Discount Codes In TikTok Video

In a viral TikTok video, a woman uses random names for discount codes, and the result she has got has surprised all her followers. How this viral TikTok user has debunked the hack of getting online discounts and some other working tricks are being discussed in this article. Stay tuned!

TikTok’s brainy content creators never fail to amaze us with their skills. From DIY videos to random explorations and experiments we have witnessed jaw-dropping content on the video-sharing app so far.

In the recent viral video, a woman uses random names for discount codes while shopping for an online product has impressed millions of users. Some users are not ready to believe how a random code can help you get an online discount. However, this is what we have just witnessed in the video-sharing app. A couple of random codes and straight 20% off! Who doesn’t like such trends? Obviously no one!

Here is more about this mind-blowing video.

Hacks To Get Discounts On Online Products

Image Of Hacks To Get Discounts On Online Products

If you following some bloggers, you might have heard them requesting you to shop for specific products with a specific code. Why do they do this? It’s because, as you follow their instructions and purchase the products, they will keep getting free products from that particular website. But if the influencer fails to convince users to purchase these items, they won’t get any free products next time.

Well, this is a fair deal. The followers get discounts on a product and the influencers keep getting PR requests.

However, a recent video has revealed a secret that none of us were aware of. In the viral video, a TikTok content creator uses random names for discounts codes and gets 20% off on the products she was purchasing.

As soon as the video has gone viral on the snippet-sharing platform, users have come forward to discuss some more online shopping hacks. Many of them have revealed that using random codes has helped them get discounts of up to 20%. Well, this is amazing!

Woman Uses Random Names To Find A Discount Code

Image Of Woman Uses Random Names To Find A Discount Code

@sparklegirl316, the content creator who has gone viral can be seen putting some random discount codes while making an online deal. In the first part of the video, she can be seen on her checkout page, purchasing an item for $60. Her first attempt where she writes a code “rachel20″ doesn’t work but she gets successful in her second attempt. She writes the code “kate20” and voila! she gets a whopping 20% off on her total payable amount.

As soon as the video was uploaded on the video-sharing app, it became immensely popular. Several users have expressed their gratitude for the user as she for them was a genius hack. The video has applauded tons of appreciation from the audience.

Alongside the appreciation, people also have shared their secret discount code hacks. One user said, they normally try with welcome20 or welcome15, and it really works. While the other user has added that, their random discount code is ‘Sorry’ accompanied with some random digits.

Another hack that users have shared is, some websites do not check for military identification, thus simply writing “military” in the promo code can often work.

Some other suggestions to try were, to search ‘Hauls’ on Youtube to dig out any ongoing promo codes. Following this video, a user tried one such code and landed in a hilarious situation. The user wrote, ‘I did something like this and the company emailed me asking where I got the code from.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about how you can try your luck with some random codes to get online discounts. If you have experienced anything similar, let us know in the comment section below.

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