Yellow Dot on Snap Chat: Now You Can Easily Get Rid of It

Recently, Snap Chat has been updated and it has introduced many exciting features for its users. But many of the users are in a muddle due to the Yellow Dot on Snap Chat.

Snap Chat is one of the famous video and photo sharing social media applications. It has more than 238 million daily active users all over the world, according to a report in 2020. The main feature of this app is the messages and photos disappear in a short time after posting. Snap Chat was initially launched in 2011.

This is not the first time, the app updates and add different features from time to time in order to provide better services to its customers. With the latest update and new features addition, people are not happy with this update because of the yellow dot next to the story icon.

Now, here we will discuss what is the this issue all about and how to get rid of it.

What is Yellow Dot on Snap Chat?

Image of what is yellow dot on Snap Chat

If you are a Snap Chat users then you may have noticed, a yellow dot is appearing beside the Snap Chat story. Then you may have a question in your mind, why is there a yellow dot on my Snap Chat, or what is the yellow dot on my Snap Chat story? Here we will provide you the answer.

Well, the yellow dot means that you have got a notification. Whenever you open Snap Chat you may think it is new but it has always existed in one form or another, and before this, it has never appeared next to the story icon.

Remember that, it has the same meaning as before. The yellow is informing you that you have a notification. That could be a friend request, something that needs to be addressed in your setting or there is a notification about your story.

Now, you must be cleared with, why is there this issue exist on Snap Chat.

How to Get Rid of the This Issue on Snap Chat?

The app users who are unhappy with the yellow dot on the Snap Chat Story icon, there is good news for you. The good news is that; you can easily get off this annoying yellow dot. Just do follow the below provided simple process.

Although we have mentioned earlier there is a need to address the notification to get rid of this yellow dot. To do that, you have to go to your profile by tapping either on your Bitmoji or the preview of your Story in the upper left corner of the screen. This will then lead you to the profile, where you can address whatever the notification is trying to show.

You have to repeat this process until the yellow dot disappears. If the yellow dot doesn’t vanish that means you have not addressed the notification.

The reaction of the Snap Chat User on Yellow Dot

After the recent update of the app, the users are in anger and they had taken this issue to Twitter to report others about this annoying yellow dot that would not go away.

One Twitter user said, “The yellow dot on Snap Chat makes me die like why won’t it go away”

Image of why is there yellow dot on my Snap Chat

Another one twitted, “All I want is for my Snap Chat to be in order, my stories on the right page, my squares or arrows on the left side of the persons name, an in order best friends list, and to only have a yellow dot in the corner when someone adds me.”

You can imagine from the above tweets of this app user that, how frustrated they are with this yellow dot. Well, by applying the above-provided procedure anyone can get rid of this irritating yellow dot at all.

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Snap Chat has updated its app and the users are not happy with the yellow dot that is continuously appearing next to the Story icon. In frustration, the users have taken this issue to the Tweeter to acknowledge others. Well, they can get rid of this issue very easily and the procedure is provided above. There is no need to much worry about this issue for the Snap Chat users.

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