Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge: Why Everyone is Suggesting To Not Try This Challenge?

You must have heard of different challenges on social media platforms. Some of the challenges are easy to perform and some involve risk and sometimes even cause serious injury or death. In this article, we will discuss a popular challenge on Instagram which is known as “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”.

This new challenge is also dangerous as there was the Ice Bucket Challenge and Cinnamon Challenge.

People who don’t know anything regarding this challenge, stay calm because in this article we will briefly explain about this. 

What is Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge?

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Kylie Jenner lip challenge is all about making plumped-up lips which seem attractive with naturally pouty lips. According to Kylie Jenner her plumped-up lips are the result of makeup rather than cosmetic surgery.

But many of her fans and other girls are copying her look by suctioning their lips with the help of shot glasses. And they are posting the results on social media.

To perform this challenge, the participants first of all they place a shot glass, small jar, or bottle around their lips, then suck out the air creating a vacuum. After some minutes of holding their lips in the airtight shot glass, they got their lips inflated.

Of course, everyone wants to look attractive and for sake of that people go to any extend. It is a dream for many girls to have a pouty lip. These days, it is a trend to copy others especially social media and TV celebrities, and this challenge is also based on copying Kylie Jenner’s lips.

The question here is, whether this challenge is dangerous or not. Now we will answer this question.

 Is The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge Dangerous?

Yes, this challenge is quite dangerous for your lips. This new method of DIY lip plumping is very concerning. This suction technique not only causes significant pain, swelling, and bruising but also there is a risk of scarring and permanent disfigurement when it is repeated again and again.

Also, there is a chance that the shot glass can break down under pressure if the suction is too strong, and that can lead to cuts around the mouth.

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And if someone is prone to cold sores, then they are only tempering with their sensitive skin. They are also hurting lips tissue, collagen, and elastin — proteins that provide lips plumpness and firmness.

As well as, this can certainly develop bruising that can last for more than a week and can be yellow, green, or purple and your lips will look gross in this situation.

When you will see pictures of the participants on social media, then you will abstain from attempting this challenge for sure.


The hashtag of this challenge has grabbed the attention of many not only on Instagram but also on Twitter. The origination of this hashtag is unknown for all, but there is a tutorial video by Brenden Jorden on YouTube posted on 18th April. In this video, she has demonstrated the shot glass trick ad so far it has more than 3.2 million views.

Many people refer to this video as the foundation of the current Kylie Jenner Challenge. Now many Instagram and Twitter users are using this hashtag to pleading others to not take part in this challenge. As it is very dangerous for lips.

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You will see various challenges on different social media platforms. Many of the social media users participate in these challenges. This time it is Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge which is trending on Instagram and Twitter. This challenge is very dangerous to perform as it causes damage to the lips in various ways. Abstain from doing this challenge and also suggest your loved ones to not take part in this.

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