YouTube Easter Egg – What Exactly Is It?

The Famous YouTube content creator Markiplier has reportedly spotted an Easter Egg hidden in the YouTube URL. The video has got thousands of users confused thus making it go viral on YouTube and other social media platforms. What this YouTube Easter Egg is all about and is there any hidden meaning behind it? We have gathered everything here in this article, keep reading.

Something strange has happened on YouTube recently as the famous YouTuber Markiplier discovered the Easter egg in 2022. The majority of users have found the video eerie and they are wondering to know the meaning behind it.

After, watching this eerie video we are convinced that social media is full of surprises. We are just aware of the 25 percent of these social media platforms while the rest is limited to brainy users only. This fact is proved after Markiplier unveiled something that was hidden in the YouTube URL.

As people have come across this weird video they have found it to be creepy. The majority of users who have watched the video have disliked it. But what exactly is this video all about and what is this trendy YouTube Easter Egg? We have broken down everything here in this blog. Keep reading!

What Is The YouTube Easter Egg?                   

Image Of What Is The YouTube Easter Egg

The famous content creator Markiplier rolled a video on July 24, where he was spotted removing a few letters from YouTube’s URL. Upon removing the letters, he got directed to a platform that contained nothing except two creepy videos.

During the video, Markiplier warned the audience saying he is unaware if it was a virus or something made by a crook. However, he called the entire thing YouTube’s “easter egg.” The video went viral on YouTube and other social media platforms and users are left in shock.

To access these videos, you firstly have to tap on a random YouTube video. Next, from the URL that is appearing at the top of your tab, remove the letter ‘h’ from the watch. As you hit the enter button after removing the ‘h’ letter, you will get directed to an eerie video. This video has given creepy feelings to most of the audience.

Markiplier was shocked to witness how removing a single alphabet from the URL can change the entire search result. Besides removing the letter ‘h’ from the search bar he also tried the trick by removing the letter ‘a’ and to your surprise it directed the YouTuber to another creepy video.

This video has surprised several people and they are unable to understand the cause behind it.

What Does The YouTube Easter Egg Video Talk About?

Image Of What Does The YouTube Easter Egg Video Talk About

The videos that you will get to witness by removing ‘h’ and ‘a’ from the YouTube URL, will give you chills. The majority of people who have witnessed the video have found the background music unappealing. This creepy video is being uploaded on April 19, 2022, and it has amassed millions of views so far.

The name of the video starts with a series of 6’s. As you click the profile of the person who has uploaded this video, you will find out that he has only two videos on the site and both of them happen to be the same. And yes, both of them are being uploaded in April 2022.

The user’s name also is stated as 666.” For now, there is no information about who this person is and what the purpose behind these videos is.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the YouTube Easter Egg is all about and its weird emergence on YouTube. Hopefully, you have found enough information about these creepy videos.

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