Is Toolands Scam? An Unbiased Website Review

Toolands is a viral website that sells an array of kid’s toys and some other important tools but, is this website a scam or does it deliver quality products? Online buyers are curious to know its legitimacy, thus we have come up with this blog post. Read this article to the end to find whether Toolands is a scam or a legit portal.

Online shopping is the first thought that comes to our minds whenever we feel the need to buy something new. Even if we don’t buy anything online, we make a random search for our desired product on Google before heading to the traditional markets to buy it.

As online shopping has greater benefits than conventional ones, the majority of people these days rely on shopping online. It doesn’t require you to do a lot of effort and you also don’t have to invest in conveyance and other related expenses. Just a few taps on your mobile screen and you get your desired products delivered at your door steps. But is online shopping really worth it? Yes, until you come across fake online web portals.

Yes, you heard it right, there are hundreds and thousands of scam websites that have joined the eCommerce portals just to scam the innocent online buyers. To stay away from such crooks, it is essential for the users to check the legitimacy of websites before making a deal.

To help you make wise choices, we have crafted this blog to unveil the true face of the ‘Toolands’ website. Keep reading to find out whether Toolands is a scam or a legit website.

Is Toolands Legit?

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Before hopping into the depth of whether or not Toolands is a scam, let’s first understand what the website sells to its customers.

As explained earlier, Toolands is a new web portal that mainly deals with toys. It has a huge collection of kid’s toys and it also deals in some other important equipment.

The website is giving huge discounts on its products which makes the website attractive and suspicious at the same time.

Following the unrealistic discounts, buyers are suspicious about the legitimacy of Toolands. To help all such users find the truth of Toolands, we have assessed the portal on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Contact Details
  • Trust Score
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Presence
  • Owner Details
  • Purchase and Shipment Policy

Let’s discuss each of the above factors to figure out the legitimacy of this site.

Toolands Scam

Image Of Toolands Scam

1. Domain Age

Toolands was registered on 13th December 2021. Based on its domain registration date, the site seems to have enough experience. However, the domain is all set to expire on 13th December 2023. Considering its age, the website seems legit.

2. Contact Details

We were not unable to spot a contact number on the website nor have they provided an email address. They just have provided an inquiry panel on the site.

3. Trust Score

The Toolands website has amassed a poor trust score of 8% which is not enough to prove the website legitimate.

4. Customer Reviews

We were able to spot a few reviews for the website and most of them are positive.

5. Social Media Presence

There is no single social media page on the website Toolands, and it is not a positive point.

6. Purchase And Shipment Policy

The website has detailed all the policies related to the shipment, return, and replacement, but the delivery time is not revealed inside the shipment policy.

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The Final Verdict

Following the information we have gathered above, the website seems to be dealing in poor quality products. Thus, we would request the users not to rely on it for now.

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