Among Us Phantom — Here’s All You Need To Know About

The imposter and crewmates group of Among Us is being added with the Among Us Phantom Role. Most of the players are unable to figure out about it so this article is designed to enlighten you with all details related to this new role. You will also get to know how it works in Among Us.

Among Us is a creative free to play online multiplayer game being followed by millions of users from all around the world. Though the game is just launched few years back, still it is quite popular among the gaming community.

According to Among Us officials, the game popularity is being doubled during the pandemic days. The reason behind its popularity is its unending game-field improvements. It keeps adding new characters inside the game field to improve the experience for its users.

Currently, users are talking about a new role added in the game. Players can opt for this new role to complete their tasks secretly. Let’s discover more about this new game play.

What Is Phantom In Among Us 

Image Of What Is Phantom In Among Us

The online multiplayer social deduction game has come up with a new character. This character is known as Phantom role that is the role of one of the crewmembers in the team. Phantom has to complete the assigned tasks to complete the levels and win. But the prime task of this character is to complete the tasks without being noticed by the imposters in the team.

Players should also know that, this role activates only if the crewmember dies in the level. Once any crewmember dies, he/she can activate this new role and play as Among Us Phantom Role. Once they successfully activate this role, the player has to restart all the tasks without being noticed by other.

Among Us Phantom Role

If the Phantom gets recognized and fails to complete the tasks, then they will become a ghost and they will die permanently inside the game. Furthermore, the tasks also get reset. Players from United States are enjoying this new role a lot.

Only troublesome thing associated with the Phantom role is that once it gets caught, then the player becomes a ghost and he/she will permanently die inside the game. Along with the character being diminished, all the tasks also get reset.

On the other hand, if Phantom completes the tasks successfully, he/she will win the level along with multiple rewards. After completing all the tasks with the Phantom role, players have to tap on the “emergency” button to finish the game and win the level.

Among Us Phantom Mod

Image Of Among Us Phantom Mod

Though it is quite difficult to spot the Phantom inside the game, but it is not impossible. Players can spot the Phantom role if they watch carefully, once spotted they can also kill this new character by clicking on it.

Besides Phantom there are certain other characters that can make the game field much interesting. These characters include the Jester, Sheriff, Snitch and more. These characters have their own requirements and the game becomes much more fun and challenging when they all come together.

In a nutshell, playing as Phantom is quite fun. It is quite difficult for the other players to witness this role but yes, this isn’t impossible. So, Phantom has to play quickly so that they manage to complete all the tasks without taking much risk. Once you get caught, all your efforts will go in vain and you will die permanently inside the game.

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Concluding Words

This was all about the newly added role in Among Us. If you have already played being a Phantom, let us know your experience in the below comment box.

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