No Visor Among Us — Who’s This Mystical Faceless Ghost?

Are you an Among Us player and heard a lot of your game mates talk about No Visor Among Us? Want to know who is this player and why is he so famous? If yes, then keep going through this post and you will get to know all details about this ghostly Among Us personality.

Among Us is an interesting and creative free to play online multiplayer game. It is being followed by millions of users from almost every corner of the world. It was published initially for the iOS and Android users. Later it was released for Microsoft Windows as well. This creative game is developed and published by a famous American game studio, Innersloth.

Though the game is just being launched few years back, still it is quite popular across the world. According to Among Us officials, the game popularity is being doubled during the pandemic days. According to some recent graphs this multiplayer game has peaked at over 388000 players. Which is higher than every other game, besides CS:GO, Dota 2, and PUBG.

It has a massive count of daily active users. According to a recent information shared by Among uS, It has 60 million active players daily; most of them are playing on mobile devices. The biggest reasons behind this game’s popularity are the live streamers. It is really famous among live streamers.

Most of the content creators stream the Among Us videos on YouTube which attracts millions of players towards this creative game.

The game is also famous for being hub of hackers. In today’s article we will discuss this in detail, keep reading!

Who Is No Visor In Among Us

Image Of Who Is No Visor In Among Us

The Among Us players are curious to know about a mystical player they encounter during the match. According to game players, this weird player named as “No Visor” is involved in capturing crewmates in the lobby. Players are in wonder and they are unable to identify whether this ghostly creature is an impostor or a hacker.

After this new user has gone viral, live streamers have also come forward to discuss their opinion about him. Some content creators have also shared their experience of encountering this mysterious character. One of the content creators has warned all other players not to look at this weird Avatar. According to him, he was kicked out of the game when he tried to look at him.

No Visor is also being accused of adding glitch inside the game. He spams the chat box just by calling his name over and over again and the game slows down, the next moment players find themselves outside the game. Many of live streamers have considered No Visor as a hacker while others believe that it is just a new animation added inside game.

Is No Visor Real In Among Us

Image Of Is No Visor Real In Among Us

To spice up the game field, a new avatar known as No Visor is added into the game. According to the players, this animated character takes them to world that really doesn’t exist. After probing on various websites we have concluded that No visor is just an animation added to the game.

It is a horror, funny and mysterious character added for fun purposes. Many of players from all around the world have responded to this game character in a positive way. It is specially designed for the players who are fond of relating things to real life. Seeing such living avatars added into the game, makes the game more interesting and fun to watch.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the viral game avatar No Visor. Hope this article has enlightened you with all the available facts about this new Among Us’s guest.

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