Axie Infinity Server – Here’s All You Need To Know About

The non-financial-token (NFT) game, Axie Infinity has become the talk of the town and the game server seems in trouble. If you are curious to know details about this server issue, you have reached the right space. Keep scrolling and learn all details regarding the Axie Infinity Server.

Developed by Sky Mavis, the Axie Infinity game is all about breeding, raising, battling, and trading Axie creatures in order to earn currency. This popular game is developed with an aim of providing a fun and educational way to introduce peeps to the world of blockchain technology.

The third parties have access to all art assets and Axie data, hence community developers have the opportunity to develop their own tools to improve the Axie Infinity universe. In a nutshell, the more you contribute to the game, the more you will earn.

However, the rising traffic on the game servers has made the situation quite odd. Players from all around the globe have reported server issues on various social websites. Let’s dig in deep to know about all the problems related to this popular game server.

Why Axie Infinity Server Is Under Maintenance

Image Of Why Axie Infinity Server Is Under Maintenance

Axie Infinity players from every corner of the world are reporting about the issues related to a game server. Here are some of the complaints reported by users:

“@AxieInfinity hi admins of axie infinity will there be any fix on the server?? because it is so hard to enter the adventure mode and arena.”

Another user posted, “Hi, Axie. Almost three days until now your server is still not working properly. What’s going on? I invested all my savings here. I’m just started last July 9, 2021. I’m a newbie! Please, hurry up and fix it. Thanks a lot.”

According to the complaints, the players seem to have been troubled for three persistent days during which they were unable to enter the adventure mode and arena and play the game at all.

Besides this, users have reported many other complaints about random errors and disconnections that are ruining the game experience. Some of the major issues faced by users include stuck Axies that cannot be purchased. Players are also facing trouble while trying to morph.

Considering all the complaints made by users, the official Twitter handle of Axie Infinity has addressed the concerns. They have stated that they are working to fix the issue. Following this, another Tweet came out that from the game developers and that stated that the stuck Axies had been cleared up along with Morphing and breeding.

Axie Infinity Maintenance Update

Image Of Axie Infinity Maintenance Update

Considering the Tweets made by the game developer, we can now expect that the major errors have been fixed. However, another major error (server issue) is still persistent and needs to be resolved.

Addressing the server error, Axie Infinity made another Tweet which blamed the exponential game to be the reason behind these server errors. The Tweet reads “Thanks for the patience as we go through exponential growth! Our engineers are fully focused on upgrading our servers! This moment will be written about in the history books, it’s a sign of just how badly people want to be a part of this amazing moment. We love you!”

Though the game developers haven’t specified any time for when the server’s error will be fixed but we can expect that the errors will be resolved soon. Further, Axie Esports has reported that they are also getting a dedicated server. The notification reads, “Today we are announcing a dedicated server for Axie esports and a 5,000 AXS grant to support community tournaments

We are accepting proposals from community organizers!”

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the Axie Infinity Server-related issues faced by the users worldwide. Hopefully, you have got all information needed to know.

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