Axie Infinity Scholar — A Comprehensive Axie Infinity Scholarship Guide

Are you interested in becoming an Axie Infinity Scholar? Yes? Well, we have designed this comprehensive guide for you. Keep reading and get all information required to hunt the Axie scholarship.

The online game Axie Infinity is popular for its earn-to-play feature. It lets the players earn cryptocurrency in the form of SLP (small love portions). The players can later convert the earned coins into pesos or any other local currency. Due to this earn-to-play feature, this game has become quite popular all around the world. However, many users exclaim that they don’t get enough time to play, while some people lack resources, hence here comes the scholarship program.

In order to earn money, managers can partner with some players (scholars) and hence both can benefit by sharing the earned SLP income. So, players around the world are building their Axie infinity teams to earn Axie Infinity scholarships.

What Is The Axie Infinity Scholar?

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Axie Infinity Scholar is a person who lacks the resources to play the game but is willing to play. These scholars are bankrolled by managers, who have resources but lack time to play the game. To tackle this scenario, players have created a scholarship program in which scholars share their time while the managers pool their resources to earn sweet SLP. The earned SLP income can later be divided among both scholar and manager.

In this scholarship deal, a scholar gets three Axies from the manager to be able to play the game and earn SLP. As soon as the team earns enough SLP for a cashout, it is equally shared among the players.

Here, you must know that the earnings are mostly divided along the lines of 60/40, where the major share is given to the manager. However, the percentage of share may differ depending on the agreement made between the team members.

If you get a chance to play with a good manager, he will help the scholar with the ins and outs of the game. To enter the game, a player must bear a high cost of entry which makes the entry difficult for a scholar, hence the manager helps in overcoming this hurdle.

How Many Scholar In Axie

Here is what an Axie manager gives to the scholar during the deal:

  • 3 Axies that are required to start playing
  • Education on the ins and outs of Axie Infinity
  • Steps on how to earn more SLP
  • Support within the Axie community

The team also needs to meet the following requirements to build an Axie Infinity Scholarship:

  • Any browser, preferably Google Chome or Firefox
  • Metamask account
  • Axie infinity account
  • Ronin wallet account
  • Axies to lend to scholars

How To Be An Axie Scholar

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Firstly, you have to create a Ronin account for the scholar. Once created, open your Ronin account and choose an input name that must resemble the Metamask account name. At this point make sure that your main account is logged off.

The main account that you have selected should be the Metamask and Ronin wallet of the scholar. Tap on “Log in” and then select “Log in with Ronin”. Now, approve the sign-in. Finally, you have created an account for the scholar to use.

Next, in order to transfer Axie to a scholar account, you will need to choose from your current Axie lineup. Tap on the option “Gift” to begin. Now, input the ronin address of the scholar and finalize the selection by clicking on “Gift” again. You will witness a pop-up that will ask you to confirm the transaction, tap on it. In order to monitor your scholar, make sure that the Ronin and Metamask accounts have the same name. This will help while collecting earnings and avoid any sort of confusion.

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Bottom Line

This was all about who the infinity scholar is and how one can hunt the scholarship. Drop a comment in the below comment box for further assistance.

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