Bandit Bundle In Free Fire — The Special Bundle For Free

Players can now avail Bandit Bundle in Free Fire against the exchange of magic cube token. It also includes so many other bundles. You can get some items including Bandit Mask, Bandit pants (Bottom), Bandit (top), and shoes.

Now what else are you waiting for? Roll your sleeves up and complete the daily and weekly free fire challenges. Upon completing the challenges you will get some Magic Cubes which can be exchanged to get the Bandit Bundle.

As we have experienced that, Free Fire has surprised us with so many events in November this year, Bandit bundle is just another addition to the list. Free Fire is full of so many exciting events and Spin- Wheel lucky draws which bear so many rewards in it.

Bandit Bundle In Free Fire is the most special bundle in the Diamond Royale section of the Luck Royale. It contains exclusive range of gun skins, fashion item and characters.

What Is Bandit Bundle In Free Fire?

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The Bandit Bundle is yet another event that can be availed against the exchange of Magic cubes. One can get Magic Cubes by collecting diyas in game and by completing the tricky daily and weekly challenges. Altogether there are 42 exclusive bundles in this Magic Cube Exchange Event. Below is the detail

Silver Titan, The Colossus, Golden Bell, Silver Eagle, Eagle of The Dusk, Crazy DJ, Berserker, Full Leather, Hunger Strike, Venom Touch, Violet Flame, Mugger, Bandit, Empress Divine, Kings Sword, Valkyrie, Legionaries, Solar Commander, Star General, VR ready, Top Gamer, Kinshin Clan, Ice Age, Wicked Jester, Night Clown, Bioforge, Samurai, Sexy Bunny, Crazy Panda, Arcane Seeker, Mystic Seeker, Duchess Swallowtail, L.C Colonel, L.C Commander, Hipster Bunny, Inking Infection, Madame Punisher, Capt Punisher, The Lion Heart, The Nian Beast, Special Force Elite, Contingency Elite

How To Get Bandit Bundle In Free Fire?

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Here is a detailed guide about how to redeem the Bandit Bundle In Free Fire against the Magic Cubes. To get your ideal Bandit Bundle you have to have some Magic Cubes in your hand. Here is how you can get these Magic Cubes:

Gamers can avail the Magic cubes from Lucky Royale or events. Additionally, you may also get a Magic Cube against 100 Cube fragments.

Currently, the Diwali event is open for the players. Players can get the Magic Cubes from the Light up Bermuda event for free. All you have to do is to collect all the Diya tokens, they will illuminate your Bermuda Map. The tokens can be used to redeem some exciting game items as well.

Once the progress bar gets filled with the Diya Tokens, you will get the classy Magic cubes. But remember that the event is valid till 14th November Only. So, hurry up and clean your hands on the Magic cubes.

Once you have collected the Magic Cubes follow the steps below to redeem them in the exchange store:

At the start, open Free Fire, and tap on the store icon located on the left-hand side of your screen.

Now, search for the Redeem Tab and Click on it, once you get into it, check for Bandit Bundle under the Magic Cube Section.

Then press the exchange button and Here you go!

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Concluding Remarks

As the Bandit Bundle is reintroduced in the Free Fire, players have an amazing opportunity to lay their hands on the most special Free Fire Bandit Bundle for free. All you are required to do is to collect the Diya Tokens from the Light up Bermuda event.

Once you get the Magic Cubes you can easily get the special Bandit Mask, Top, Bottom, and Shoes and that also for Free. Don’t waste your time and get value from this amazing opportunity. Good Luck!

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