Is Operation Christmas Drop Real? — Explained

Here’s an amazing addition to the Netflix’s 2020 holiday line-up. But Is Operation Christmas Drop Real? Scroll down to know all the facts behind this charming romantic comedy film.

Operation Christmas Drop is a movie based on real life military tradition. It films the real life operation conducted by United States Air Force every year. The film cast includes, Kat Graham as (Erica Miller) and Alexander Ludwig as (Captain Andrew Jantz).

Kat plays a role of congressional advisor who has to investigate the value of Operation Christmas Drop. While Alexander Ludwig performs as U.S. Air Force captain who is responsible for running the operation.

In the movie, Captain Andrew Jantz (Ludwig) teaches Eric the lessons about selflessness and holiday spirit of the mission. He further clarifies that how this operation helps their local community every year. While on the other hand Eric is responsible to audit the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

And to decide if this operation is an efficient use of government funds or not. Initially both of them didn’t like each other much as they had different interests. But soon they begin to fall for each other.

Is Operation Christmas Drop Based On A True Story

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The Heartwarming Netflix holiday movie is based on a real life mission held every year on Christmas. It Started in 1952. Operation Christmas Drop is the longest-running humanitarian airlift operation of Department of Defense.

The event started in mid-nineties. when a squad on B-29 plane was on training for 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron in Guam. During this flight the crew saw a family waving at them from an island. The Island was located miles away from Hawai.

As it was the Christmas Eve, the troop decided to throw down some gifts they had on board via parachutes. Since then this tradition continued and now it has expanded to more than 50 isolated islands.

Since then, 400 cargo containers are being dropped every year. This operation is now the longest-running humanitarian airlift in the world.

The gifts include, food, toys, and educational stuff. These presents mainly depend on the donations and funds raised. Besides spreading holiday cheer, the troops get other benefits from this operation as well. Due to these visits, the forces get to know the islands as these locations are more prone to natural disasters. The bases use their flights for training purposes as well.

Where Was Operation Christmas Drop Filmed

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Keeping the legacy of covering the real story, the Operation Christmas Drop is filmed at the real Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. This is the only picture to be filmed here. The Andersen base acts as the main Base for this entire event. The entire film is based on the true tradition but the romance is fictional. Readers should also know that Andersen Base (like many other bases from all around the world) participates in the event every year.

Readers should also know that the real life Operation Christmas Drop is comprised of volunteers from the Andersen Airbase and Yokota Air Base from Japan. The Netflix film Operation Christmas Drop doesn’t entirely depicts the operation however it creates a perfect environment of helpfulness and holiday spirit.

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Concluding Remarks

At the end of year full of crises, the Netflix film, Operation Christmas Drop is setting a perfect example of rejoicing the spirit of Christmas. The movie displays the message of selflessness, helplessness and holiday spirit. There are plenty of reasons to tune in and watch the film as it depicts the feeling of love and the Christmas spirit. This amazing film is now available to stream on Netflix.

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