Best Games To Play In EGX 2022 – Top 5 Games

EGX is among the biggest gaming events in England, and here we are going to tell you about the best games you need to play in EGX 2022. Keep reading to learn the top 5 games worth playing during this year’s EGX.

EGX is a big name when it comes to gaming events in England. What’s amazing about EGX is, it provides you the platform to play and experience the games before purchasing them. Isn’t it amazing?

In EGX, there is a special section of games that have different controls. It translates that these cannot be experienced at home as the playing field or the controller of the game is a physical object. As per our experience, we have shared the 5 top picks from EGX 2022 in this article.

Without wasting any more time, let’s check what the best 5 games to play in EGX 2022 are.

1. Space Chef

The first game we suggest you lay your hands on is ‘Space Chef’. It is an open-world, 2D action-adventure game. During the game, you are given a shell of a restaurant from where you have to start your business.

In the start, you will have to get into your ship and fly around the galaxy while shooting down at your enemies. You will encounter giant space chickens and eggs that you have to kill. Besides this, you also have to gather items from different planets.

You will also be given a little box of items that you have to use while cooking and to establish your business.

What Are The Best Games To Try Out In EGX 2022?

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During the space chef game, you have the authority to open and close your restaurant. As you open it, orders will flow in. You have to complete these orders and then deliver them using your ship. While delivering the order, you have to fight your enemies and the giant space chickens. This game is coming out on Steam in 2023.

2. For Hexposure

During the fantastic game, you have to fight a little witch that can mix potions! You are a shop owner who sells potions. You have to pay your rent as the shop is where you live also.

You get customers daily at your doorstep, who give you a rough idea of what they want. You will get a book where you have to check for rhyming hints so that you will get an idea about what ingredients you require in order to harvest from your home and process, before boiling up.

If you make your potion successfully, you will get to see positive statements about your business on social media. The game is currently available to play for free.

3. Unknown Number: A First-Person Talker

This is a voice-controlled adventure game that takes you through a series of different phone calls. You have to play the role of a heist who is on a mission.

You have to dial different numbers to reach different puzzles. These puzzles are voice-operated and you have to use the microphone to talk to the phone. Dialing different numbers take you to different puzzles and so on.

EGX 2022 Best Games

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4. Stronger Together

It is a 2 player co-op adventure game where the players have to play the character of a fish and a cat. This unlikely duo helps one another in solving the puzzles and moving forward inside the game.

As the fish swims in the water, it has to pull up the ropes and makes routes for the cat. Cat, on the other hand, has to avoid water and has to open big doors from where the fish needs to go through. Also, the cat also has to scare the fish so the partner fish doesn’t get eaten by them.

This game full of mystery is also ready to hit Steam very soon.

5. Hamster Playground

As the name suggests, it is all about having hamsters. To play this game, you have to gather as many hamsters as you can, create a station for them to play, feed at, and level them up.

You can dress your hamsters, work on their skills and also create different courses for them.

This fun-to-play game also is available for free on Steam.

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The Bottom Line

These were the best 5 games that we think you must play in EGX 2022. What’s your opinion? Do you have some other top picks? Let us know in the comment box below.

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