What Is The F74 Trend On TikTok? Trend Explained

As the F74 Trend has peaked on TikTok once again, users are wondering to know what it actually is about and how to take the challenge accurately. This TikTok trend has remained on social media for quite a long but it has attracted the attention of users after resurfacing on several social media platforms. Here is all you need to know about what the F74 Trend on TikTok is all about and how to be part of it.

Social media platforms have a huge collection of trends and challenges. Some are based on reality and aim at entertaining users while others root in bizarre theories. We have come across several challenges that have zero links with reality and are meant to create curiosity among users.

One similar challenge on TikTok was it claimed to call spirits with some magic spells. Though this challenge was not real, several users hopped into it with the aim to experiment with whether it was real or not. Following this, the popularity of the trend kept increasing and more and more users started jumping onto it only to know it was fake.

Such challenges are only meant to create curiosity among the users and to earn views, likes, and comments.

The latest trend ‘F74’ is another bizarre trend that aims to transport you to an alternate dimension in your dreams. So, what is the F74 Trend on TikTok all about, and is it real? Let’s explore the viral trend together. Keep reading!

F74 Trend Meaning On TikTok

Image Of F74 Trend Meaning On TikTok

The viral trend ‘F74’ refers to Floor 74 that you are going to see in your dreams once you take part in the challenge. As described earlier, the F74 trend takes you to an alternate dimension in your dreams. A dream where you will be given the challenge to find the F74 door, which is the only way through which you can get out of the dream. If you fail to spot the F74 door, the TikTok users claim that you will be stuck in your dream forever.

To be part of this dream, what you have to do is, you have to write ‘F74’ on your wrist with a red bold marker before falling asleep. As you sleep, you will reach a long dark hallway. The hallway comprises multiple doors. You will also get to hear creepy noises behind you. Here, you have to make sure not to look back.

Simply put, you will be facing a nightmare that can only end if you go through door F74. You only have 10 hours to spot this door. If you fail to find the door within this time limit, you will not be able to get out of your dream and you will forever get stuck in it.

This is what the challenge says, but the reality is totally opposite. TikTok users who have attempted the challenge have explained it differently. Firstly, for some users, the nightmare never came, and for a few who got to see this dream, came out from it safely as they woke up.

So, the claims that the trend makes are totally baseless and it all depends on an individual’s imagination.

How To Do The F74 Trend on TikTok

Image Of How To Do The F74 Trend on TikTok

This is not the first time this trend has made its way to TikTok. It was available on several social media platforms earlier as well. However, it seems like the interest of TikTok users in this trend is peaking once again.

Though there is no information on the internet about this challenge’s origin, users are comparing it to the 690452 challenge which talks about how an individual can hop between their dreams and reality.

The trend 690452 is also explained in Urban Dictionary. The site claims that, by writing 690452 on your wrist, you’ll be in another dimension/parallel universe. You’ll be dreaming about weird stuff. Like – seeing a demon, seeing a dark, tall, no-face guy and just staring at you, running in a dark tunnel or highway.”

Though both the above-discussed trends are quite popular on social media, they are not based on reality. Most of the users who have attempted them have claimed that these are not legit.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the F74 trend on TikTok is all about and how to attempt it. Did you find the challenge interesting? Share your stance on this TikTok trend in the comment box provided below.

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