Bitlife Fast And Furious Challenge — Explained

A new week and a new BitLife challenge! This time BitLife players are challenged to complete the newly rolled Fast And Furious Challenge. If you want to complete this challenge before anyone else, do read this article till the end.

BitLife drops challenges every week to spice up the game field and keep the players entertained. To complete every challenge, you have to complete certain tasks specified for each challenge. Currently, the challenge available for users to beat is “Fast And Furious” which is comprised of 6 tasks. You have to beat all these six tasks to beat this weekly challenge.

The latest BitLife challenge “Fast And Furious” is all about stealing cars but how to do that? Let’s discover.

What Is Bitlife Fast And Furious Challenge

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By keeping its tradition of rolling challenges every week, BitLife is live with another exciting challenge that is named “Bitlife Fast And Furious Challenge”. To complete this trendy challenge, players will need to complete different tasks. The detail of tasks is as follows:

  • The first task you need to accomplish is, you will need to “Own a Dodge Charger”
  • Secondly, players will need to “Own a Bugatti”
  • Next task you will need to fulfill is, “Own a Ferrari”
  • Following the Ferrari, players will also need to “Own a Lamborghini”
  • The next task asks the players to “Sell 5+ stolen cars”
  • Last but not the least, while completing all these challenges make sure that you “Never go to jail”. You might have to take a fresh start if you fail to meet this last condition.

The initial four tasks are all about owing vehicles. You aren’t required to steal them or do anything special to these vehicles, you simply have to do is to have the vehicles as an asset.

Let’s check how each task can be completed to beat the Fast And Furious Challenge. Stay tuned!

How To Complete Bitlife Fast And Furious Challenge

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In order to begin with this challenge, players are required to create a character. Here, the type of character isn’t important you just have to make sure to have decent stats by indulging in healthy activities like going to the gym, reading books, etc.

As you get decent stats, you will have to finish high school and get a job. The job must pay out a lot of money so that you can complete your first task. Once you earn enough money, go to a car dealer under the asset tab to buy a dodge charger. Players can also steal this part but remember that the task won’t be marked as completed.

Once you are done with this first challenge, head towards the tricky part of the challenge, I.e. to steal the following cars to complete three of the objectives for this week’s challenge.

  • Ferrari
  • Lambroghini
  • Bugatii

To steal the above-stated cars, players will need to visit the crime tab and use the grand theft auto option and then search for all three cars. It may take a little effort to complete these three tasks as you may fail at stealing these in your first attempt.

If you fail, you have the option to restart the app or simply exit it without aging up to save the results. In the next step, you will need to steal two more cars and finally sell them along with the previous three vehicles. It can be done by visiting the assets tab and then click on the car and finally tap on the option that reads sell.

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Bottom Line

By completing the tasks, make sure not to end up in jail otherwise you will lose all your progress. You can also earn enough money to hire the best lawyers to keep you out of jail and to build up your crimes skills.

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