Harley Quinn Challenge Bitlife — How To Complete It?

A new weekend is here and so is the new challenge of BitLife. Harley Quinn Challenge BitLife is the new weekly challenge for the players to complete. To complete the challenge players have to be the better half of the Clown Prince of Crime’s heart. Let’s discover how to deal this challenge.

BitLife keeps the game field exciting by rolling new challenges every week. Each of the game challenge is comprised of several tasks and players from all around the world have to compete to finish the challenge in first place.

Once you complete all the requirements of a challenge, you will see your rank based on how early you have completed the challenge on “Challenges Tab.” Upon completing the challenges, players receive gift accessories for their Bitizen and yes the feeling of accomplishment for completing the challenge is above all prizes.

Currently, Harley Quinn Challenge is being rolled for the players all around the globe. Stick with the article to get the challenge done in first place.

What Is Harley Quinn Challenge In BitLife

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Every Saturday BitLife drops its new challenge for the players. This time the challenge is named as Harley Quinn Challenge. To be able to complete the challenge, players have to complete the following five tasks.

  • Players have To Be born as a female in the United States
  • You have to practice gymnastics
  • You will need to work as a psychiatrist
  • Rob a bank with a croquet mallet
  • Escape from Prison

The tasks provided for this challenge are quite simple and straight forward. But the important thing is to remember the exact timing for completion of each tasks. Every task has to be completed on appropriate time so that the challenge can be completed easily. Let’s take a look at how each task can be accomplished.

How To Complete Harley Quinn Challenge

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Be born as a female in the United States

The first task associated with Harley Quinn Challenge is quite simple. The only thing players need to do is to start the game as a female born in United States. You can also continue playing if you already have a female character born in US. But most recommended way is to start over so that you can accomplish certain other requirements at a younger age.

Practice Gymnastics

The next task is to practice gymnastics. To fulfill this requirement, players will need to enroll in the gymnastics extracurricular activity at school. The option to get enrolled in extracurricular will be available once you reach the middle school. Further, you have to keep a certain fitness level so that you will be accepted for this program in school.

If your fitness level isn’t up to the mark, make sure that your character is going for walks and gym. You can complete this task in middle school and university as we haven’t seen this option while in high school.

Work as a Psychiatrist

Here comes the next task. To be a Psychiatrist you have to choose psychology major, once you enroll in college after graduating from high school.  After graduating from college, you will need to attend medical school.

You have to keep your grades as high as possible so that you will be accepted to get enrolled in this program. Once you graduate from the medical school, you can now apply to work as Jr. Psychiatrist.

How To Practice Gymnastics BitLife

Rob a bank

Up next is to rob a bank. To do so, make sure that you have completed all the previous tasks, so that the challenge will not get affected after you end up in the jail.

Once the character completes all previous tasks and is ready to rob the bank, make sure that the option to use the croquet mallet is available. After using the croquet mallet, whether you get successful in the task or not, you will end up in the jail.

Escape from Prison
the last task to complete the challenge is to escape from the jail. This task might be tricky but you have to outsmart the cell protecting guards so that you can escape the cell. As you get out of the jail, the Harley Quinn Challenge Bitlife will be completed.

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Bottom Line

These were the tasks required to finish the Harley Quinn Challenge. Once completed, you will receive an item that you can wear on any character.

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