Blackout Trial Has Ended Error — Learn The Quick Fix

Right after the new Black Ops Cold War Season one update, Xbox players are facing Blackout Trial Has Ended Error. The error is faced by the players of Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S. This bug is not allowing the users to log in and it seems a great trouble.

The error seems to be widespread as so many players are inquiring about the error on various internet platforms. The error pops up when the players are all set to enter the game. The error reads the following words “Blackout Trial has ended. Purchase the full game in order to unlock Blackout”.

Most of the players are confused because this is obvious that the Black Ops Cold War doesn’t has Blackout. Seems like the error is getting its way from the Black Ops 4. According to the gamers, these kind of errors have troubled the players in past as well.

After probing about the error, fortunately we have found a working quick fix. Let’s jump into more details to get rid of this annoying bug.

What Is Blackout Trial Has Ended Error

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The Xbox players are encountering a fatal error that says “Blackout Trial Has Ended” while they try to enter the game. This infuriating bug is not letting the players to enjoy the game peacefully. After some research we have come to the conclusion that, this error is being faced by the Xbox players only. Because we are unable to find any report from the PlayStation and PC players.

After facing the error, so many players reached the Xbox official sites inquiring about the bug. The Xbox official twitter account posted that they are probing into the issue and will get back soon. Following this statement they suggested the players to install the missing files (If any) and provided the instructions. The officials responded using the following words,

“Our team has provided us with an update for the “Blackout” trial error after updating Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. If you do happen to see this you can work around this problem by installing any missing content”. The Xbox twitter account has also asked the players to visit Xbox Support for further information and detailed steps”.

How To Fix Blackout Trial Has Ended Error

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In order to fix the error, players are advised to follow the below steps,

Go to the settings and tap on Manage Game and Add-Ons. Then select the option that says, Black Ops Cold War. Then look for the missing content files. Once you get them, install all the content packs that are available for downloading.

Then go back to the home screen and restart the Black Ops Cold war. After following the above steps you will never face this error again. Players should also keep updating the game in order to get rid of such fatal errors. With every game update developers provide solutions for all the available bugs so, it is important to get your hands early on every game update.

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Concluding Remarks

The Xbox players have been encountering so many errors since the very start. Though the game has amazing features for the gamers but these errors are quite annoying at certain times. Developers should provide the bug fixes with every update so the players can enjoy the game peacefully.

This was all about the “Blackout Trial Has Ended Error” which has troubled the players across the globe. Hope the solution provided in this article will help you get rid of this error. You can contact us using the below comment box for any further guidance.

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