UI Error 80184 — Learn To Fix All Cold War Errors

Are you searching for a quick fix of UI Error 80184 in cold war? Well, you are reading the most relevant article. This article with enlighten you with the quick fixes for so many other errors that cold war players encounter along with the UI Error 80184.

Do you know that the new title of Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War has enabled the users to experience the geopolitical world of 80’s rich in spycraft its hard truths, and conspiracies? If not then here is all the detail you need to know. This article will also cover number of errors encountered regularly by the players and their solutions.

What Is UI Error 80184

Image Of UI Error 80184 Cold War

If you are a Black Ops Cold War player and you are encountering the UI Error 80184, then here is what the error actually indicates. The error is faced by the players who are trying to play multiplayer games along with their squads. The gamers might face trouble when a user is trying to log in to their account but failed to do so. This lets the players to restart the game forcefully.

You can get rid of this problem only if you log into the game using the second account that is fully set up and verified.

To be familiar with all other fatal errors related to Cold War keep scrolling down.

Error code: 3107840166

The players encounter this error while creating their profile inside the game. According to some experts this error is related to the AMD Ryzen processors. Players who run game in Ryzen-based hardware are most likely to face this problem. We haven’t find any quick fix to this error till now.

Referral denied Error

This is just another error faced by the PlayStation users all around the globe. It doesn’t allow the players to access the game via PlayStation Direct website. It displays a message saying Referral denied. This error isn’t just related to Black Ops Cold War. Players accessing the store for other reasons have also faced it error. The reason and solution for this error is still unknown but you can visit the website in a later time to know the solution.

How To Fix UI Error 80184?

Image Of How To Fix Black Ops Cold War Errors

UI Error 80184 can only be fixed by logging into the game using another account having a full verified set up.

The list of errors faced by Black Ops Cold War is still long, here are some more errors and their details.

“Connection to Blizzard game servers lost” error

This error is mostly faced by the PC users. It appears because of the inability to connect to the game’s servers and the players are not able to get past the game’s loading screen. It also prevents the players from selecting any of the campaign modes. To fix this error follow the proceeding steps,

Firstly, launch the Blizzard then go to the options and select Show in Explorer’ for Black Ops Cold war. When the explorer opens with the exact game location, go to the properties of “BlackOpsColdWar.exe” file. Following that, click on the compatibility tab and check the option that says ‘Run as Admin’.

UI error 26484

This is another fatal error that troubles the PlayStation players. Upon updating the latest game version on their consoles, players get this error on their screens. It prevents the players to send invites to their friends. Until we get any permanent fix for this error, you can join your friends by going to their profiles and join their session if they are online.

UI error 100002

This is an error that occurs commonly to almost all the players. The game crashes when players are in a multiplayer match. It forces the players to restart the game. While looking at the comments of some of the users we can conclude that this problem has appeared with the latest update and it has no any known solution till now.

UI Error 80184 Cold War

Besides the UI Error 80184, the list of Black Ops Cold War error still continues, have a look at some other common errors

UI Error 70745

This error is being faced by the players who have purchased the cold war. The issue is mostly faced by the gamers who have changed their default key binds to interact with an in-game object from ‘F’ to ‘[‘ or ‘]’, . The problem can be solved by switching to the default keys.

UI Error 66146

This error is mostly troubling the PC players. It makes the game run slowly. Currently, the problem has no any known solution but don’t forget to visit this page for all kind of updates regarding this error.

Black Ops Cold War “has unexpectedly stopped working”

It is another irritating error that greets the players most often. If you have come across the dialog box saying application has unexpectedly stopped working”, then get ready to be greeted with any of the proceeding errors. : Error 2733174671, Error 2909663275, Error 3642188769, Error 3107840166, Error 152435104, Error 1855573384, Error 451698481, Error 1739284203, Fatal Error 2254439.

These errors will not allow you to play any full match in any campaign. These errors also have no any official fix till now.

Error code 0x186a4

This error crashes the game back to the desktop. It appears when the user selects the multiplayer and zombies.  You have the option to scan and repair game files but that might not fix the problem permanently.

Error code 887a0005

It is another error that troubles the players asking if want to Scan and repair files. It is something really annoying. You can fix this error by disabling GPU Scheduling on Windows.

Also read about Error code 3107840166

Black Ops Cold War: Common fixes For All Kind Of Errors

Here are some common fixes that can help you to cope up with all kinds of errors,

  1. Always launch the game in safe mode
  2. Do not forget to run the game as administrator inside Windows
  3. You should also add a command-line inside Battle.net Launcher
  4. Keep your Windows Language “English US”
  5. Always try to Add your Blizzard account inside Activision
  6. It is also important to change region inside Blizzard or Battle.net launcher
  7. Don’t forget to Delete all files from Black Ops Cold War Beta version
  8. Make all your Microsoft services hide inside MSConfig


Through this article we have tried to address all the fatal errors that trouble the Black Ops Cold War game players. Let us know with your comments if this article has been helpful for you or not.

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