Blox.Fish Scam — Is It Really A Scam? [March 2021]

In some recent days Roblox players are wondering to know about Blox.Fish Scam. If you are sailing on the same boat then you have reached the most appropriate post. Keep scrolling and get to know if this website is actually true or just a scam.

During the Covid year, the Roblox game’s popularity has increased massively. While staying at home, people have enjoyed the Roblox game to its fullest. For the readers who are not much familiar with the game, the game also has an in-game currency.

This in-game currency is called Robux and it can be used to purchase in-game items. It can also be purchased against real money, so there are hundreds of websites out there that claim to give Robux. A recent addition to this list is ‘’.

So many players were curious about its legitimacy so we have come up with this article. Stick with the article and get to know if it is a scam or a legit website.

Is Blox.Fish A Scam

Image Of Is Blox.Fish A Scam

The Blox.Fish is a website that claims to give you free Robux against completing a simple survey. If you are a regular user of internet then you might know that there are very few websites that give you reward against surveys. Most of them do not give you actual rewards rather they are aimed at stealing your personal information.

Looking at the name, “Blox.Fish” one can consider it being a phishing website. Most of the players think that it is just a phishing website so it may even take over Robux accounts of unsuspecting users.

The biggest flaw that most of the players consider is the survey requirement. According to users, after completing the survey, you get to see nothing at all. It will show an error asking you to restart all over again. Once you follow the instructions given in the error, you will end up with the same error at the end of survey completion.

Blox.Fish Robux

Image Of Blox.Fish Robux

These surveys are just a way to gather your information and then they will locate you on internet using this information. Later they will send you ads based on your recent interests. They can even sell your personal information to malicious third parties that can indulge you in more elaborate scams later on.

The second flag about this website is that it will redirect you to a web page that reads, Another website with a resembling name, also redirects you to the same address. This proves that Blox.Fish is just a way to get traffic to the website that might be flagged for spam by various search engines and services around the internet.

Blox.Fish Promo Codes

The third potential flag for this website would be the massive number of people suddenly promoting on Robux’s multiplayer channels. According to the experts, it might be possible that the scammers have managed to find a flaw in the Roblox captcha security that has allowed them to create numerous bot accounts to promote this phishing site.

An important thing that you should notice is most of the accounts that are promoting this site are new accounts. All of them have little play time and they will normally share similar messages. This information is enough to prove that all these are just bot accounts and you should ignore the messages received from such accounts.

The last flaw to the website is the expired security certificate that we noticed on the website. The blog lacks security hence you should not believe on it.

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Final Verdict

After considering the Blox.Fish website carefully, we have come to the conclusion that this website is just a scam. So, the players are directed to encounter the web page at their own risk.

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