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Looking for the Four Good Days Netflix? If yes, then you have opened the most related article. Keep reading and learn about the release dates of this much awaited film.

Though Corona pandemic left many cinematic fans disappointed in the year 2020. Many films that were supposed to release in year 2020 are now set to release this year. These films include Dune, A Quiet Place Part II, Black Widow, No Time to Die etc.

After some famous films including The White Tiger to Zack Snyder’s Justice League from last year, fans are now looking towards the upcoming film Four Good Days. The film is currently not available to stream on Netflix but it is all set to receive a limited release on Friday, April 30th 2021.

Let’s get into detail and learn when will be the Four Good Days available on Netflix to stream. Keep scrolling!

How To Watch Four Good Days Movie

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The story of movie Four Good Days is based on one of most haunting issue faced by youngsters these days. Yes, you are heard it right, the story revolves around Substance abuse. The film dramatizes a mother and daughter duo and their issues.

The daughter is back from a detox center recently and she has to remain clean for the next four days. The girl spends these four days with her mother and the film shows all the difficulties they faced.

Production of Four Good Days, was started in start of 2019 and it was announced that Glenn Close and Mila Kunis will be playing the lead roles. Later they announced that Stephen root will also be part of the film. It is produced by Indigenous Media, Oakhurst Entertainment, and Productivity Media.

Four Good Days Release On Netflix

The film isn’t released yet but the trailer has received a great reception. Fans are expecting for the film to be exceptionally amazing. The major cast for film includes,

  • Glenn Close as Deb
  • Mila Kunis as Molly
  • Stephen Root as Chris
  • Joshua Leonard as Sean
  • Rebecca Field as Coach Miller
  • Sam Hennings as Dale
  • Michael Hyatt as Lisa
  • Chad Lindberg as Daniel
  • Nicholas Oteri as Colton
  • Audrey Lynn as Chloe

Four Good Days Netflix Release Date

The movie is based on the central role of a girl named Molly who has fallen prey to Substance abuse. After living in a detox center for some time, she goes straight to her mother Debb, who is now married to Chris. The relationship between the mother and daughter is bit estranged as mother is with another guy.

After coming to her mother’s place, Molly has to remain clean for four days. Despite of being in an estranged relationship, Debb devotes her time to take care of Molly. But she faces difficulty while reconciliation with Molly. Their reconciliation gets worse when deadly grip of Heroine acts on Molly Once again. Till the end they somehow manage to overcome the issues between them and they build a stronger bond again.

Mila Kunis Four Good Days Netflix

The movie is already being premiered at the Sundance Film festival on 25th of Jan, 2020. The recent news about this film is that Vertical Entertainment has got the distribution rights of this film and they will be doing a limited release on 30th April 2021. Later on 21st of May 2021 the film will be released as a video on demand format.

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Last Words

This was all about the most awaited film Four Good Days. Hope you have got all information about its release and the story.

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