Clan Capital Clash Of Clans Spring Update — Explored

The delayed spring update of Clan Capital is finally making its way to Clash Of Clans and players are eager to know what this spring update holds for them. If you are among these players, here we have got you all the details about the approaching update.

Clash of Clans fans were a bit disappointed as the update that was set to hit the screens in April was delayed. However, their disappointment has now turned into joy as Supercell has revealed the launch of the next big expansion.

Teasers have already started flaunting across social media and fans think the update must be approaching at the start of this current month. If you are been one of the players who were looking for information regarding the Clan Captial Update, you have reached the accurate site. Here you will get all the details about the Clash Of Clans spring update ‘Clan Capital’. Let’s get started!

What Is Clan Capital?

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Clan Capital is the next big update, that Clash of Clans players are going to experience very soon. As revealed by game developer Supercell, the upcoming spring update ‘Clan Capital’ is a big expansion that will enable the players to pool resources to play bigger fights.

This approaching update is said to be a massive base that gamers might have not experienced earlier. Although gamers are waiting for the update anxiously, a release date is not being confirmed so far.

The update is yet to be given a release date, but gamers think it must be approaching this current week.

The game developer has confirmed that Clan Capital will act as a base where each game player will be able to contribute resources. This base will further enable the gamers to strengthen defenses and upgrade the Troops.

So, you don’t have to work hard any further! Supercell has further revealed that the Clan Capital will take on the other Clan Capitals and the winning group will secure Captial Gold. The winning group will also be able to improve and upgrade the CC Hub.

Another piece of Good news is, that the gamers will also be pleased to hear that they will be able to collect Raid Medals. These Raid Medals will further be used to purchase items for their villages.

Clash Of Clan Spring Update

Image Of Clash Of Clan Spring Update

If you are not aware of what Capital Gold is, it is the latest in-game currency that will help the game players upgrade their Capital Buildings. It further is an integral element of the new Clan Capital Update.

By upgrading your Captial Peak, you will be required to unlock CCs that are made up of districts. Also, note that it will be filled with ruins.

The players will be required to spend gold on the ruins. Also, there are no time limits for this process. And we also are not sure about how much time this whole process will take.

The players can also level up the Captial Hall which is housed in Capital Peak. Capital Hall is just like a Town Hall, that can only be leveled up by unlocking several districts.

You will also find District Halls in the Capital Peak that also can be upgraded using gold. In their message, Supercell revealed:

“District Halls can be upgraded using Capital Gold, and the level of the Buildings in a District is determined by the level of the District Hall. The higher level your District Hall is, the more you can upgrade the buildings of that District.”

So, to unlock the Clan Capital your group will be required to reach level 2. Your village must also reach Town Hall level 6 to unlock the Clan Capital.

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The Last Words

This was all about the latest Clan Capital Cash Of Clans Spring Update. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the details you needed to know.

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