Clash Of Clans New Update — All You Need To Know

The New update for the Clash of Clans is all set to be rolled now and players are curious to know what possibly the update is going to bring along. If you are among these players, here is what we know about this approaching update so far.

Released initially in 2012, Clash of Clans is an old mobile video game that is still popular among the online gaming community. This popular mobile game is developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. It is popular among both iOS and Android users.

Clash Of Clans is also among one the most played Multiplayer mobile games. Even though it was released a decade ago, it is still quite popular and is followed by millions of players from every corner of the world.

To keep the players stuck to the screen, Clash of Clans keeps rolling new updates. The development team of the game has revealed that it would be one of the most exciting updates, Clash of Clans users have ever experienced.

Having that the most exciting game update is coming your way, you may be required to make up for a delay. Here is everything we know about the Clash Of Clans New Update.

New Clash of Clans Update Features

Image Of New Clash of Clans Update Features

According to the game developer Supercell, new Capital features will be the main draw for the Clash Of Clans update. For all the players who are looking to find the next patch, Clan Capital will make it possible for everyone in the group to develop a massive new base.

This hefty feature will act as the central hub of operations and it will be available for those within the Clan to make it a success.

The members will further be able to strengthen their defenses and upgrade the troops before stepping forward to take the game’s next big challenge. Furthermore, the Raid weekends will make it possible to battle Clan Capitals against other Clan Capitals. It will be one of the biggest fights you will ever experience on the Clash Of Clans game field.

Here, not only you will be able to work together with your squad, you can also score for Raid Medals that will help you unlock items for your own Village. You will also be able to purchase reinforcement Troops without having to wait for your other Clanmates to donate them.

New Update Clash Of Clans

Image Of New Update Clash Of Clans

For the new update, Supercell has already started sharing official teasers on their YouTube platform. After watching the teaser, you will have an idea about what’s coming next to the game, especially about the Clan Captial mechanics.

The community manager commented on the new release saying, “We’re about to embark on one of the most exciting updates to Clash of Clans, ever. We actually used to release the dev video days before the update. It was only recently we started releasing the video on the day of the update. However, in the past we always had sneak peeks before the dev video. This time we want the dev video to be the announcement before we get into sneak peeks.”

Based on the available information we have come to the conclusion that we are going to get the first big sneak peeks this weekend. You may even get it before the release of the new Clash of Clans update, which is expected to be rolled in the early days of May 2022.

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The Last Words

This was all about Clash Of Clans New Update and everything it is expected to bring along. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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