Inferno Tower Challenge — A Guide To Beat Inferno Tower

The players of Clash of Clans are wondering to know about the newly added in-game challenge Inferno Tower. If you are looking for ways to complete this game challenge, here is a step-by-step guide for you.

The Finnish game developer Supercell’s hit video game Clash of Clans is followed by thousands of users from all around the world. It was initially rolled for players in 2012, since then its popularity kept inclining and it became the most played Multiplayer mobile game.

The constant game updates and new content, glue the players to their mobile screens. The players’ further claim that it is one of the top strategy games so it holds a massive player base.

Further, the game challenges and quests make the game more interesting. These challenges come up with different special rewards so the players look for ways to finish the challenges in the first place. Let’s check how to beat the Inferno Tower Challenge in the first place.

What Is Inferno Tower Challenge

The Inferno Tower is a defensive building located at Town Hall level 10. The tower shoots a flame of fire that even burn in the thickest shield. Furthermore, the players can set it to single-target or multi-target.

Inferno Tower Challenge is the latest viral challenge that can be completed to earn 2 hero points, Gems, and tons of loot. This current active challenge is based on a star system. Players are given stars based on their performance.

The least performer will get one star while the best performer will get three stars. The upcoming paragraphs will explain how to sweep the challenge with a three-star.

How To Complete Inferno Tower Challenge

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To complete the Inferno Tower Challenge, here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Initially, the players have to lure and destroy the Clan Castle. To lure the Castle Clan, you have to place a rocket balloon angled with the Tesla next to the builder hut in that area. Players can defeat all the three groups of Tesla with this similar strategy. Following this, players can destroy the single-target Inferno with one rocket balloon and two regular balloons.

Next to this, players have to use an electro dragon to beat the archer towers. As soon as you have clean swept the archer tower use a rocket balloon to attack the battle builder hut.

After this, you should use the King, Queen, and Warden to attack the left bottom quadrant of the map. Using the Rage and Early King Ability, you can now capture the barbarians through the Warden ability.

Now, it is time to take down the next group of Archer Towers using another electric dragon. While releasing the electric dragon, you also have to use a jump spell to reach the center of the base. Also, use the Heal and rage spells in front of the Wizard Towers.

How To 3 Star Inferno Tower Challenge

Image Of How To 3 Star Inferno Tower Challenge

It is now time to release the remaining electric dragons to the storage centers of the base. Following the electric dragons, you have to release the dragon riders to the multi-target Inferno Tower and the battle builder located on the right-hand side.

Next, the characters must have free passing to attack the center. At this point of time, players have to use all their abilities to beat all the defenses and bring them down.

Following all these steps in sequence will help you earn three stars in the Inferno Tower challenge.

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Bottom Line

Like all the previous challenges, users can complete this challenge to earn special in-game rewards. You can drop your queries in the below comment box for further assistance.

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