Dbd Gnome Event — Here’s How To Find Totems in DBD

The latest Dbd Gnome event is live and players are having trouble identifying the five Totem locations. Finding the locations is quite complicated as there are 15 different realms in-game and these realms often contain more than one or two different maps.

The players who think finding the Totem Locations in Dead by Daylight will be an easy task, might be wrong. Because it is quite impossible to know Totem Locations in Dead by Daylight. The reason behind this is, there are some assets that are generated through Random Number Generation in Dead by Daylight.

With the usage of RNG, (Random Number Generation) numbers are generated to spawn random events. Like spawning in a rare item. According to our knowledge, the assets that get spawned differently for every trial takes place in the locations including, Killer Shack, Window Vaults, Jungle Gyms, Pallets, Chests and, and finally the Totem Locations. It proves that figuring out all five Totems for the individual maps, while RNG generation is quite impossible.

What Is Dbd Gnome Event

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Dead by Daylight keeps on spicing up the game field by bringing items and realms from different horror franchises. Following this tradition, Dbd Gnome Event starring Gnome Chompski is the latest addition to the game. The Gnome Chompski and the Gnome Chompski charm are being added to Dead by Daylight last week. To find this Gnome Chompski Charm players have to find it in a trial initially.

Players also have to locate the Totem Locations in Dead by Daylight. To do so, there isn’t any specific hack because it all depends on the RNG. But, with experience comes understanding, the longer you will be in the battle field the more you will have an understanding of where most of the Totems spawn.

If you still want to know the locations and whereabouts of Totem locations without actively playing the game, then you still have one option to avail. You can use the rainbow map item that shows both the hatch and Totems.

Players are also seeking help from their fellow players on Reddit. While discussing the spawning of Gnome one player has shared his experience. According to this Reddit user, “One gnome spawns when the end game collapse is active”. He further said, “I hear a laugh when I opened an exit gate. And when the timer is about 2/3 or 3/4 down then I hear the same laugh again. Is that the laugh that the gnome respawned somewhere else”.

To his queries, another player responded, “The laughs indicate Gnome Chompski has either moved or respawned (depends on if he was stomped or not). There is no audio queue that he makes if you are near, but he seems to spawn in the spots where other randomly generated things spawn (Totems, chests, pig boxes, fountains, etc).”

How To Find Gnome Chompski

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If you want to find Gnome Chompski then you have to find the little gnome first. To find the little gnome, you have to get the Endgame Collapse finished and then players will also need to have one exit door open. Once you are done with it, the Gnome Chompski will spawn on the map.

Gnome Chompski can normally be found in places from where players can get Treasure Chests such as behind rocks, next to trees, or in small crevices that are situated in Jungle Gyms. While doing all this, you have to be quick as the Gnome Chompski barely takes 90 to 120 seconds to change its position.

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Bottom Line

Lastly, to finish the trial players have to Gnome Chompski once it is found. Also remember that, you can find a single Chompski on each map.

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