Dev Error 5573 PS5 — Here Is A Quick Fix

After updating the game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare players are facing Dev Error 5573 PS5. The bug kicks them out of the game field in no time. Are you searching for any workable fixes and are unable to find some? If yes, then there is nothing to worry about. Keep reading and get rid of this annoying dev error.

Since the launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, players have faced numerous errors. This time they are having trouble with the Dev Error 5573 PS5. Most of the players have reported that they have encountered this bug right after updating the game. Here is how the players are explaining this error, a user has posted,

“I have carried out the new update on the game, I manage to get to the Home Screen of Warzone where loadouts etc are, however after about 3-4 seconds the game kicks me back to the initial Warzone screen and up pops “Dev Error 5573”. I have already deleted and reinstalled the game, without success”

This is exactly how all other players are treated by this fatal bug. Let’s dive into details to lean the causes and fixes for Dev Error 5573 In PS5.

What Is Dev Error 5573 In PS5

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The PS5 Duty Modern Warfare players are encountering an error that kicks out the players out of the Warzone to the initial Warzone screen. After kicking them out it pops up with a message that says “Dev Error 5573”.

Players are annoyed as they are unable to play any of the matches normally. They have given strong reactions towards the annoying errors and have asked the concerned authorities to fix this error as soon as possible.

A player has shared his disappointment in the following words,

“For me it’s with the heartbeat as well… on PS5… all those issues are getting annoying… can’t play a normal match at the moment. Please fix and update us accordingly”

Another player has added “I have the same issue. And over this it uninstall some add on that was already install. They have to fix this ASAP”

How To Fix Dev Error 5573 In PS5

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We are unable to find any official fix for this error till now but we have gathered a bunch of fixes that might help you. Keep reading!

Follow all the below instructions to get rid of this irritating error,

Firstly, restart your console and then install the latest game updates so that you can stay connected to the game servers.

Then, try to fix this error by rebuilding your database on PS4. This will help you to troubleshoot on PS4.

The error might occur due to poor internet connection. So, check if your internet speed is fine or not. Remember that the game requires faster speed; it works fine with 5mbps download speed.

According to some game players, this error can be fixed by restarting shaders installation and then changing it to a different operator and skin. If you are a PC user then you may get it done following the proceeding steps. Go to the game setting menu, then head towards the Graphics tab, now find the restart Shader installation option and restart it. Close the game and restart it to resolve the error.

The players are suggested not to interact with the new operators. We urge you to use the MW operators until the issue is resolved.

We have also observed that the error occurs when the players interact with any special item. So, we recommend you to identify this item and try not to interact till we get an official fix.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the Dev Error 5573 PS5. Hope the solutions provided in this article will help you fix this grating error.

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