Error 42 Rocket League Ps4 — Get It Fixed Right Away

Rocket League players from every corner of world are encountering Error 42 Rocket League Ps4. This annoying error isn’t allowing them to join the game. Are you among those players? If yes, then you don’t have to worry anymore. This article is going to reveal all the workable fixes for this troublesome error. Keep reading!

Released firstly in July 2015, Rocket League is an online soccer video game. The master mind behind this soccer game is Psyonix. It is currently available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Nitendo switch. This game is now available to play for free. Rocket League went free to play in September last year.

Like every other video games, Rocket League players encounter a variety of errors while playing the game. Some occur due to poor internet connection while others trouble the users due to server issues.

This time also, the Rocket League players are bearing the worrisome Error 42 Rocket League Ps4. This annoying bug is restricting the game players from entering the game. Considering the players difficulty, we have come up with this guide. It contains all workable fixes for this annoying error. Keep Scrolling!

What Is Error 42 In Rocket League On Ps4

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While entering the game, Rocket league players are getting exposed to an annoying bug. This bug isn’t allowing them to enter into the game field. After probing about this error on various platforms, we have come to know that this error is a result of poor internet connection. Another reason behind this error might be some corrupted game files.

The error might also cause due to some server related issues, if it is the case then you can just wait for the servers to revive to normal. Once they get back to normal, this annoying bug will get fixed automatically. In the following paragraph we have gathered a bunch of fixes for this virus, have a look!

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How To Fix Error 42 In Rocket League On Ps4

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Here are some fixes that might help you to get over this error.

Check Your Internet Connection

Firstly, you have to check your internet connection. Unplug your router, wait for a while and then plug it back. Also check your internet speed and look for any broken cables. If there is any error with the internet, fix it and if not then proceed to the next fix.

Troubleshoot Your Console

If the error prevails even after refreshing or shifting to another WIFI router then, you may troubleshoot your console. If you are playing the game on Xbox, the problem may also occur if your subscription has expired. Make sure to check the date.

Disable Firewall And Anti-Virus Program

The error might also occur due to your Firewall or Anti-Virus software. These softwares can restrict the system from connecting to the access ports needed for effective pairing. Here is how to disable the Firewall or Anti-Virus Program.

Firstly restart your console and open the settings tab. Look for the option network / firewall protection, following this click on your network profile. Here you will find the option to Disable anti-virus protection and firewall. Now, restart the console and check if the problem is fixed or not.

Check Your Time Settings

Sometimes the error might occur due to the mismatch between your system’s Time and the game’s standard time. Check the time displayed on your screen and set it according to the game’s standard time. Hope the error will get fixed eventually

Bottom Line

After digging on various websites we have concluded that the Error 42 Rocket League Ps4 is directly associated with internet connection problems. We would suggest you to change your internet connection in order to play the game peacefully.

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