Genshin Impact Photo Event Guide — All You Need To Know

Genshin Impact is live with its new event and as usual we are here for your service with the Genshin Impact Photo Event Guide. If you want to clean sweep this event earlier than anyone else, then this guide is especially designed for you. Keep reading and get to know about the newly rolled Five Flushes of Fortune event.

Genshin Impact is an online Free-to-play action game. It is developed and published by a famous Chinese developer miHoYo. After being launched in 2020, it is currently available for PlayStation 4, Android, IOS and Microsoft Windows player0073. It allows a limited number of players to group together following its limited multiplayer feature. It only allows a maximum of 4 players to group together.

Genshin Impact has received excellent reviews from all over the word. Within 2 months of its launch it was able to garner an army of 21.3 million players. Within first week of its launch, it was downloaded by 17 million users.

With the passage of time, it kept adding events and improving its game world. Currently it is live with its Five Flushes of Fortune event. Keep reading to know all the requirements and hacks for a clean sweep.

What Is Genshin Impact Photo Event

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To complete the Genshin Impact Photo Event all you have to do is capture photos using the Kurious Kamera. By doing so, you can earn a bunch of free Primogems. But thats not it, you also have to take photos and share them with your needy friends so that they can also reap the reward.

To complete the challenge, you have to follow the event guide. Initially, the guide will lead you to visit Ji Tong in Liyue. You will get him in the northernmost waypoint in the city of Liyue, then towards north to the docks in the direction of the camera icon.

Once you get Ji Tong, Talk him to learn of your plight. Tell him, that his new Kamera seems to take oddly colored photographs. He will ask you to collect some photos as evidence and also provide you with ten sheets of film a day to collect these photos. You will also be rewarded with some valuable items for assisting.

How To Participate In Genshin Impact Photo Event

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There is a brief description of photographs that are needed to be captured in your event guide. You will need to follow it for further completion of tasks. Once you get to know about the colors you need to capture, you will have to find interactable objects of a matching color for the Kamera to work.

As an example, you can capture some apples if the color of day is red. Once you get a matching color object, get the Kurious Kamera from the Gadgets submenu of your inventory and capture a photo. The photo capturing procedure is bit different here, you don’t have to click picture by yourself rather drag the box in the center over the object, and the Kurious Kamera will automatically detect and capture the object.

Players should note this important point that, you have to capture every individual item that matches the color of day. Suppose you get to see 3 apples on tree, then you have to capture all of these three objects.

Its quite important because every snap will come out as one of five random colors (Crimson, Ultramarine, Pale Gold, Ocher, and Purple Aster). To get Five Flushes of Fortune reward trove from Ji Tong you have to capture one picture for each of the above stated random colors.

Five Flushes Of Fortune Guide

Use all of 10 sheets of film a day to get a maximum of full colors of the set and a minimum of any one from the set. If you don’t even get one, don’t worry because here the social element of event comes into action. Go to the photo swap, check for some players and just send them photos. By doing this you will help them to complete a full set. In return they will send some photos to help you complete the set.

This event is live from 1am PST February 3rd until 1am PST February 10th. You can earn a total of 8 reward troves from Ji Tong during the event. As you are left with just 7 days, you can play with your friends to collect all 8 full sets of photos.

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Concluding Words

This was all about the Genshin Impact Photo Event Guide. Hope the information provided in this article will help you to give a kick start to this interesting event.

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