Error Code ce-34878-0 — Here Is How To Fix It

Worried about Error Code ce-34878-0? Well, worry less and scroll down. You will learn how to fix this error after reading this article.

PS4 players are having trouble due to the Error Code ce-34878-0. The error generally indicates that the game has crashed. Players need to restart the game after they encounter this fatal problem. After restarting the game if you are able to continue the game normally then there is nothing to worry about. But, if the error continues to pop up then it indicates that something else is wrong.

The error mainly occurs because of corrupt data or system software. The error may also occur if you leave the game suspended for a long time span. To avoid this issue, readers should close the game application if not in use.

What Is PS4 error ce-34878-0

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PS4 error ce-34878-0 is an error caused by corrupt software in PS4. To get rid of this trouble maker, players should consider the below points.

  1. Always clear your PS4’s cache
  2. Update the game to its latest version
  3. Do not rely on face recognition if you want to get rid of this error
  4. Check your hard drive for any other issue
  5. Try to fix it by initializing the PlayStation4
  6. If it still continues to bother you, then reinstall the game after uninstalling it.

How To Fix?

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To get rid of this problem completely, follow the below given procedure:

Go to the PlayStation4’s home screen and look for the options button. Once you get it check for any further updates. If you find any latest notice regarding the game update then please update it to the latest version.

Once the update is done please look for the settings button located at the top of PlayStation home screen. Tap on system software update and allow system updates to install. After the update completes, reboot your PS4. We just hope that you will get rid of this error after following these steps. Still facing the issue? Let’s try another method.

Check for PS camera settings in your phone, if you find it connected to the system then kindly remove it and reboot your system. Also check for face recognition settings, if it’s currently enabled on your phone then please disable it from the settings. To disable the face recognition option, select user and go to login settings, then uncheck the face recognition option.

Further if your Hard Disk Drive is upgraded in your console lately, then please go to the original Hard Disk Drive. If the Error Code ce-34878-0 still prevails then back up the currently saved data. After saving your data go to the PS4 home screen. Then go to settings and select Initialization and Initialize your PS4.

If it still prevails you can also contact PlayStation support for support.

The last option you should try to fix this error is to uninstall the game. You should remember that this will not delete your Fallout 76 characters or account. To uninstall the game, go to game settings, look for the option that says uninstall, tap on it. After uninstalling it, reinstall it on your phone. Hopefully you will be successful this time.

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Concluding Remarks

To all the players who don’t want to encounter Error Code ce-34878-0, always try to clear game cache fortnightly. You should also keep updating your game application as the old versions might trouble you after becoming obsolete. If you still face the issue, follow the steps mentioned in the article to get rid of this fatal error permanently. We just hope that this article will help you play the game peacefully without getting troubled. Happy Gaming Folks!

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