Error E-8210604a — Here’s How To Fix It

PlayStation 4 players are encountering Error E-8210604a while they try to renew subscription or purchase anything else from the PS Store. This article will enlighten you with some quick fixes to this error so, keep reading and get rid of this fatal error code.

The error flashes on the screens when PS4 players try to pay for a PS Plus subscription or a game in the PlayStation Store. The error displays the following message while trying to pay for the desired purchase “An error has occurred (E-8210604A)”.

The reason of this error is unknown till now as we couldn’t find any official notice regarding the issue on the official error database of Sony. The PlayStation officials also have also not responded to this error yet. But after going through a lot of websites we have gathered some quick fixes for you on this page.

What Is Error E-8210604a

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The PS4 error is associated with the payment method in the PlayStation Store. Players are facing trouble as they are unable to purchase any service from their account. Many players have reached PlayStation official regarding the case. But they have failed go get any solution.

Others have posted their query related to the error on various social media platforms but they are unable to find any lead. After the problem was probed by so many gamers, the PlayStation official asked the users to follow them on twitter so that they can guide every player individually.

Some users have posted on twitter saying they are having this error since so long and are unable to find a fix. One user came up with a hilarious post saying “Having this issue for days I am hoping it does not charge me for the 8 times I have tried to purchase PlayStation plus”.

How To Fix Error E-8210604a

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After searching on almost every website, we have assembled a bunch of quick fixes for our readers. If you want to purchase PlayStation plus here’s how it can be done.

To get rid of this fatal issue, firstly go to the settings of your console, then head towards the “Account” section. After that go to “account management” and then open the tab that says “Account information”. Now, go to “wallets” and tap on “Add Funds”. Using this method you can directly add funds to your account like a 12 digit code.

In this way you can purchase anything you want to with your Debit/credit card or using your PayPal. If you are unable to fix the error using the above method then you may try the proceeding steps to solve it.

Another simple solution to the error is to change the Email-ID associated with the PS Store. Here is how to change it on PC.

Firstly, open your account then head towards security section. Look for Login ID and tap on it, now enter a new email address. If you want to change the E-mail on your PS, here is the solution.

Open the menu and then open the settings. Then open the account management section and look for the subsection that says “Account data”. Tap on Login ID and replace it with a new one. Most of the users have got the problem fixed using this method and we hope you will also be lucky enough to have it fixed.

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This was all about the fatal Error E-8210604a on Ps4 that is troubling the users all around the globe. Hopefully, the fixes provided in this article will help you to clear the path for your PlayStation plus subscription and other related purchases. You can use the below comment box to share any other reliable solution to this error (If any). Happy Gaming Folks!

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