Error Code 887a0005 — Know The Quick Fix

A new fatal issue Error Code 887a0005 is troubling the Cold War Players all around the world. Due to this problem players are getting crashing issues. If you are wondering to get a solution then you are reading the most related article. Scroll down to know how this error can be fixed.

The game, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is a first-person shooter video game. It is developed by Treyarch and Raven Software and published by Activision. It is the sixth installment of the Black Ops series, and the seventeenth installment in the overall Call of Duty series.

The players of Cold War face various issues while they are playing the game. The PC players are the most effected ones. This time again they are facing a crashing issue. Since the players have faced this problem, they have filled almost every social media platform with their queries related to it.

After a detailed examination, we have provided some solutions for our readers in this article. Read the proceeding paragraphs to know how this error can be cracked.

What Is Error Code 887a0005

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The cold war Error Code 887a0005 refers to a freezing or crashing issue. The gamers face crashing while playing in the zombie mode especially. So many users have reached the Cold War Officials for the solution but they have failed to find any lead till now. The Cold War officials have not provided any official fix to the problem yet.

In the proceeding paragraphs you will get to know some working fixes so keep reading.

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How To Fix Cold War Error Code 887a0005

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The first step to fix this error is to disable the GPU scheduling. Want to know how it can be done? Here is the detail!

Initially, open the start menu and then tap on the settings bar. Now head towards the System tab and then open the display tab. Then go to the multiple display tab and after that select graphic settings. Now turn off the GPU Scheduling and restart your device. Hope fully this hack will help you get rid of this error. If you are still facing the problem then there is nothing to worry about keep reading and know more solutions.

You can also try to fix this error by lowering your GPU Clock Speed. Set the speed to 100-150 Mhz to dodge the freezing related problems. The GPU Clock Speed can be lowered using the MSI Afterburner.

Another way to fix the error is by rebooting your console. Try your luck by restarting your console once. You should also keep an eye on other forums to know if the problem is being faced my most of the users or it’s just you. If all the gamers are facing the same trouble then you should wait for the new update provided by the game developers.

You can also check if the problem gets solved by using below methods:

  1. Scanning and repairing game files
  2. Installing all Windows updates
  3. Updating the Graphic driver (Can be updated manually and automatically also)
  4. Disabling HAGs (Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling)
  5. Disabling the in-game Ray Tracing


The new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is lit. It is played and followed by so many people. But most of them have insecurities regarding the game due to the prevailing errors. We just hope that the game developers will pay special attention to the errors that are creating trouble for their loyal gamers. Hope this article has provided you with all the available fixes for the Error Code 887a0005. Let us know with your comments if you got your problem fixed after reading this article or not.

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