Get Around Challenge — Here’s How To Complete It

A new weekend is here and so is the new challenge of BitLife. Get Around Challenge is the new weekly challenge for the Bitlife players to complete. If you haven’t started working on it, then here is the simplest way to complete the challenge in the first place.

BitLife keeps the game field exciting for the players with its unending chain of weekly challenges. All the challenges offered comprise of several tasks and players from all around the world have to compete to finish the challenge in first place.

Once you complete all the tasks necessary for the challenge to wind up, you will see your rank based on how early you have completed the challenge on the “Challenges Tab.” Upon completing the challenges, players receive gift accessories for their Bitizen and the feeling of accomplishment for completing the challenge is also there.

Currently, the new challenge available for users to complete is the “Get Around Challenge”. Stay tuned to complete all the tasks in the first place.

What Is Get Around Challenge In Bitlife

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The new Get Around Challenge In BitLife is all about fun, making love, and traveling around the world. The tasks revolve around, moving to different places in the world, sleeping with different lovers, and then having children with them. Following are the four important tasks you need to complete in order to beat the Get Around Challenge.

  • Firstly, you have to have lovers from 5+ different countries.
  • Then, bear 3+ children in three different countries.
  • You have to get engage in 3+ threesomes.
  • Lastly, you have to contact 3+ different sexually transmitted diseases.

Before starting the tasks, you have to create a character and then find a job. This is necessary because you have to travel to different parts of world, so you will need a handsome income.

To complete the challenge easily, we would suggest you select a female character since you have to bear children later on. To be more specific, you can start a job as Porn Actor, as this career has a close resemblance to the tasks you have to complete.

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How To Complete The Get Around Challenge In Bitlife

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Once you are done with all initial requirements of creating a character and getting a job then it is time for you to travel. Once you reach a country, you have to find a lover there. In order to complete this task, you have to click on the “Love” tab. You have to repeat this five times in five different countries.

Also keep in mind that, with fostering lovers in five different countries, you also have to have three children. You should have these children in three different countries. Following this, you have to get engaged in a threesome in BitLife.

To complete this task, you will have to find a partner who has a “crazy” stat. This way, there will be a higher chance they might leave you after for the other person in the threesome.

Once you become successful in having a threesome, then you can immigrate to a new country and find another lover. Players will need to repeat this procedure until all the tasks get completed.

To complete the final task, you have to contract three different diseases, but all these diseases should not be simultaneous. To get this task done, you have to tap on the love option, find a hookup, and pick the option not to use a condom. Once you complete all the tasks, a new appearance item for your characters will be unlocked.

Bottom Line

This was all about the new weekly challenge of BitLife and the ways to beat this challenge. You can drop a comment in the below comment box if you still have any query. Happy Gaming Folks!

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