Bitlife Crazy Ex Challenge — All You Need To Know

Are you a Bitlife player and want to know how the Bitlife Crazy Ex Challenge can be completed? If yes, then you are on the most relevant space. Read the article till end so that you can complete the challenge in the first go.

Bitlife is a life stimulator game that is developed by CandryWriter LLC. The game tasks the players to control a stranger’s life from start of game till end. Bitlife is followed by millions of users from all around the world. This free game App has hit the top of the Apple app store. Using certain commands Bitlife allows the users to experience certain situations like majored in Biology or ending up in jail for assault.

As you start the game, you will find yourself with a pair of parents who will be responsible to raise you. Initially, you won’t be able to interact with the outside world but as you age you will be able to encounter certain scenarios.

The scenarios include getting into relationships, spending time with your partner, getting driving licenses and so on. This time Bitlife is live with its new Bitlife Crazy Ex Challenge. Let’s get into detail to know more about this trending challenge.

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What Is Bitlife Crazy Ex Challenge

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Bitlife Crazy Ex Challenge is the first challenge of this current year. It asks players to complete various tasks in a certain time span. You have to complete the following tasks in order to complete the challenge.

  • You have to Stalk 4 exes
  • Violate restraining orders 4 times
  • Kill an ex’s new lover
  • Arrange booty calls with 3 exes
  • Marry an ex who had a restraining order put on you

These all objectives revolve around you and any of your Ex. You have to manage things in a certain way that you spend your life with her. Keep reading and learn how each of these tasks can be accomplished. Once you complete all these tasks, you can earn an accessory to wear in future.

How To Complete Bitlife Crazy Ex Challenge

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Here is how to complete all these tasks,

You have to Stalk 4 exes

To complete the first task you have to stalk any of your exes. Before you start doing the task, make sure that you already have a relationship in past. After being in the relationship, break up with them and now start stalking them. You can go to the relationship tab in order to stalk them. Once you have completed this whole cycle, repeat it four times.

Violate restraining orders 4 times

Once you complete the task one, they will put a restraining order against you. To complete this task, you have to do the stalking again In order to violate the orders. Also remember that you might get trouble with police while completing this challenge. So, to face less trouble you can pick multiple exes to complete this task.

Kill an ex’s new lover

Once you have completed the above tasks, go to the crimes tab under activities, and then you will be able to choose among your ex’s lovers. Take out one and try to kill him using a less direct method. We would suggest you to give him poison, as it’s a safer and less direct method.

Arrange booty calls with 3 exes

To complete this task you don’t have to put much efforts. All you have to do is, wait till an ex comes back to you for hook up. This will happen only if you do not stalk nor do anything negative. This way you can arrange a booty call.

Marry an ex who had a restraining order put on you

The last task is to marry the ex who implemented restraining order on you. To do this you have to go through your stalking process, receiving restraining order and then giving them gifts. Giving them fancy gifts will help you to reach them easily.

Bottom Line

To complete all the above tasks, you are left with 3 days only. Roll up your sleeves so that you can earn an additional accessory for your character to wear in future. Good Luck!

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