Gloo Wall Skin —Here’s How To Get It For Free

The Garena Free Fire players are wondering to get the Gloo Wall Skin for free. If you are among those players then you have luckily reached to the most relevant spot. Keep reading and enlighten yourself with the simplest ways to access the Gloo Wall Skin in Garena Free Fire. Stick with the article and keep reading!

With more than 500 million+ downloads, Garena Free Fire has made to the list of most popular games of 2021. Millions of users from every corner of the world play and follow this game. All these players have a single desire; all of them want to play this game like a pro. But if you haven’t accessed the Gloo Wall Skin yet, then you cannot become a pro player.

Keeping our old tradition we are here to help you become a pro. Keep reading the article and you will surely have your hands on best skins available in free fire.

What Is Gloo Wall Skin

Image Of What Is Gloo Wall Skin

If you are a new player then Gloo Wall Skin might sound alien to you. It is basically a grenade that creates a white wall in front of you when thrown. Furthermore, you can easily spot enemies rushing onto the wall and after getting enough damage this wall will get destroyed.

Among many other gloo skins, the Death Guardian gloo wall is considered as the toughest. This Gloo wall is among the broadest gloo wall skins in Free Fire. This wall skin can even protect more than one player behind a single wall. In game name for this gloo wall is “Guards of oblivion.”

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How To Get Free Gloo Wall Skin

Image Of How To Get Free Gloo Wall Skin

Getting your hands on the Gloo Wall Skin is quite simple. Most of the times these wall skins come in the game after top-up event. They settle in the free fire store later. Players have to unlock them in order to be able to use them inside game-field.

1. From Top Up Event

The first way to access the wall skin is through top Up event. You can unlock these only if you have diamonds in your free fire account.

2. From Event Page

Another ways to get them are the In-Game events. Garena Free Fire launches various In-Game events on daily basis. You can get a wall skin form these events.

3. From Crate  

In the free fire shop, there are plenty of Gloo walls Crates that contain the wall skins. You can buy these crates to get your hands on it.

4. From Special Airdrop

Many Special Airdrops contain the Glow wall skin in free fire. Players can buy these Airdrops that start from Rs.10 only.

How To Purchase Gloo Wall Skin

5. Redeeming Codes

You can get the wall skins by redeeming in-game codes. Free Fire provides more than 1000+ redeem code for Giveaway to every YouTuber and Free fire content creator. Gamers can participate in these giveaways to get the skins. Players can even download free fire advance server to access very Gloo wall skin before its Official release.

There are so many websites that claim to give you Gloo Wall Skin but remember that all such websites are not legit. These skins are Only Available in the special airdrop, Crates, And Top Up events so don’t consider purchasing it directly. Instead, try to purchase special airdrops and Crates so that you will get more chances to get the gloo wall skins.

Bottom line

This was all about the in-game skins for Garena Free Fire. Drop your comments in the below comment box and let us know if this article was helpful for you or not.

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