Lock It TikTok Song — All About The Viral TikTok Trend

Users from the famous Chinese video sharing application are obsessed with the Lock It TikTok Song. The viral TikTok track “unlock it” is taking the foryou page of TikTok with storm. Want to know more about this viral trend? If yes, then you have reached the most related spot. Keep reading and get enlightened with all the details related to this famous sound track. Keep scrolling!

With more than 1 billion active users, TikTok has ability to take something to the heights of sky and at the same time it has potential to make it a complete flop. We have seen so many examples that justify this stance.

So many flop songs have become biggest hits even after decades of their release on big screens, just after being viral on TikTok. This is what exactly happening with a song from 2017.

After 4 years of its release, users on TikTok are acknowledging the song and many of them are even regretting for not hearing it before. Let’s check what’s special about this popular track. Keep reading!

What Is Lock It TikTok Song About

Image Of What Is Lock It TikTok Song About

TikTok users are obsessed with an awesome track from 2017. The trend asks the users to lip sync with a hit song by Charlie XCX’s form 2017. Thousands of users have participated in the trend while remaining are enjoying the catchy beat with some exclusive dance moves.

Accompanied with some hand-motions, users are enjoying the beat of ‘lock it’ song to its fullest. Despite of the fact that the song was released four years back, it has finally made to the Foryou page of TikTok. Before this viral trend, very few people on internet were aware about this hit track.

Users have shared their experience related to the song using the following comments, one user said “Wow I didn’t know how good this song was until TikTok.” another added, “I FEEL SO ASHAMED FOR FINDING OUT THIS SONG JUST NOW WHEN IT’S FROM 2017 OMGIHDJS”

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Spread Of Lock It TikTok Song


This viral trend has just begun in last week; so many users have participated in the trends. Some TikTok stars have also participated in the trend. The popular TikTok users including @Devenityy and @amandadiaz have taken part in the trend and garnered 100k views each.

To complete the challenge all you have to do is lip sync to the chorus, which repeats the words ‘lock it’ several times. Then follow the signature dance steps to complete the video. If you don’t know the lyrics then here you go,

Lock it, lock it, lock-lock it (*3)

You’re on my mind

I’m feelin’ kinda nervous but I like it

Take my T-shirt off and do it right

You’re on my mind

The feelin’, like an astronaut

Watchin’ the world all alone, just you and I (you and I)

Rollercoaster ride in the fast lane

Got the roof down, kiss me hard in the pourin’ rain

Yeah, I can see it in your eyes, know you feel the same

Million-dollar babe, trippin’ on it like propane,


Caught in a lip lock, when we pit stop

Cosmic kiss, tastes like cherry maraschino

Ride, passenger seat, tropical heat

Eyes so red, you could be my Valentino, yeah (Woo-ah!)

If you want my heart, then don’t you drop it

(Want my heart, then don’t you drop it)

I’m right here, right in your pocket

(I’m right here, right in your pocket)

Pull it, cock it, never stop it

(Never stop it)

If you want my love (my love!), try to unlock it

Bottom Line

This was all about the famous Lock It TikTok Song. Let us know if this post was productive or not. We would love to hear from you.

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