Hog Mountain Challenge — Here’s How To Complete It

To celebrate the Lunar New Year 2021, Clash Of Clans is now live with its Hog Mountain Challenge. Are you wondering to know how to give it a kick-start? Yes? Well, luckily you are on the most relevant space. Keep reading and get to know all information required for a clean sweep.

Realeased initially in 2012, Clash of Clans is a mobile video game. Developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell, it is quite popular among both the iOS and Android users. It is also among one the most played Multiplayer mobile game. Clash of Clans is still quite popular and it is followed by millions of players from every corner of the world.

This article will help you to complete the Hog Mountain Challenge. Keep scrolling and get to know all the requirements for an easy finish.

What Is Hog Mountain Challenge In Clash Of Clans

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The Hog Mountain Challenge will be a bit complicated for the players as they are required to complete it with three stars. You have to complete the challenge with 5 main tasks. Here are the steps you have to follow,

  • Lower the Clan Castle Troops
  • Eliminate the Golden Dragon
  • Deploy Royal Champion
  • Use Invisibility on the South Side of the Map
  • Let the Troops Do the Rest

Let’s learn about all these steps in more detail,

Lower the Clan Castle Troops

The first step players need to follow is to bring the Clan Castle troops onto the scene. It can be done by planning a slight attack on the South-Western Firecrackers by a Goblin. By doing this you will be able to set off the Spring trap.

Following this, now you have to spawn one Hog Rider and five Goblins. This all needs to be really quick. Now, spot the dragons in the center of map, but if you are not able to do so, then don’t proceed further. Restart the game and repeat the steps.

Eliminate the Golden Dragon

The next step is to eliminate the dragon. For doing so you have to Spawn your Queen, Warden, and Healers on the north (slightly towards left) of the map. Once you are done with it wait for a while and so the dragons reach your troops.

Once it gets near to your troops, freeze it and let the Queen and Warden damage it. When the dragons go away, wait for the queen to clear all the Cannons. Meantime, spawn all your Loons and use Rage and Invisibility spells.

How To Do Hog Mountain Challenge 2021

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Deploy Royal Champion

Now, it’s time to wait for the troops to destroy the enemy structures. You have to be vigilant about the time here. Players will need to deploy all your Hog Riders and the Royal Champions before the destruction of Gold Storage.

Keep trying to protect Hog Riders by Grand Warden’s ability. Following this, let the King be deployed on the South-West of the map and now he will deal with all the outside structures above the Firecrackers.

Use Invisibility on the South Side of the Map

The next step you have to follow is to use the Invisibility on the South Side of the Map. Once your Hog Riders and Royal Champion destroy the West-side and reach the South side of the map, it is now time to turn the Wizard and Bomb towers invisible. Once you successfully destroy the towers, let the Kind deal with the outside structure of the South. Stalk the Royal Champion’s movement while using the invisibility.

Let the Troops Do the Rest

By following all the above steps, you can simply three-star Hog Mountain challenge. Now it is time to let the troop destruct every remaining enemy structure. Once done you will complete the challenge with three stars.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the Hog Mountain Challenge. To complete the challenge, you have to consider the time factor a lot. Because players need to be quick otherwise they won’t end up with the required three stars.

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