How To Get Voice Chat In Roblox? Explored

Roblox has now added the voice chat option it has also detailed how this option can be accessed by verifying your age. If you are unaware of how to get the voice chat feature in Roblox, we have gathered all the essential details for you. Keep reading and lay your hands over the latest voice chat feature from Roblox.

The long-awaited voice chat feature has just arrived on the famous gaming platform. This feature was set to roll earlier but there were few concerns revolving around it. Like, the large portion of Roblox’s player base is comprised of children and this feature would have enabled them to talk to adults.

However, now the feature is available to be accessed but to turn on this feature you have to verify your age first. The age restriction to use the feature has thus addressed the concerns that revolved around young users. Let’s find out how the voice chat feature can be accessed in Roblox.

How To Get Roblox Voice Chat?

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The voice chat feature in Roblox is known as Spatial Voice and it allows people to verbally communicate with their fellow players. The arrival of this feature was announced in February 2021, the team also announced that they were working on making the feature safe.

Now, as the feature has finally hit the screens it has come with a safety feature following which users above age 13 will be able to access it.

There are also some other features allowing you to control your voice chat. Ways to report abuse are also included in this newly rolled feature and you can also disable the chat at any point in time considering your convenience.

Despite all the safety guidelines that accompany this new feature, some players are still not comfortable with this inclusion. However, the majority of users have expressed pleasure in the launch of this trendy feature.

How To Verify Your Age?

Once you meet all the stated conditions, accessing the voice chat option is quite simple. Follow the below steps to lay your hands over the spatial feature from Roblox.

  • Launch your account and head towards the account settings.
  • Next, tap on the privacy tab.
  • Here, you will find the spatial voice selector. Simply turn on the spatial voice option.
  • Once your turn on the feature, it will turn from grey to green showcasing that the voice chat option has been enabled for your handle.
  • If in future, you wish to disable the feature, you can follow the above steps again and then turn OFF the feature.
  • You can access the game’s help page to get more information about how to report abusive players and block users.

Before following the above steps, you will be required to verify your age. You can access the feature only if you have a government-issued photo ID. If you meet all the essential conditions, follow the below steps to verify your account.

  • Launch your account and head towards the settings tab.
  • Tap on the ‘account info’ option.
  • Below your birthday, you will find the option ‘verify my age’, click on it.
  • You will receive a popup asking you to scan the QR code using your device.
  • Once scanned, you will be directed to Here you will begin the age verification process.
  • Tap on the ‘start session’ option and follow the instructions.
  • Scan all the documents that the site asks for.
  • You will also require uploading a selfie to show that you are the same person.
  • Get back to the Roblox session, here you will find whether or not you have met all the conditions.

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Bottom Line

This was all about how to Get Voice Chat In Roblox and ways to verify your age on the platform. If you want any further clarification, let us know in the below comment box.

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