TikTok Star Big Chubby Passed Away — Fans Left In Awe

Just recently the TikTok star Big Chubby has passed away and his family has revealed the tragic news on his TikTok account. Here is all we know about this devastating news.

Wayne Duplock, mainly known on social media as Big Chubby has taken his last breath and the news has been revealed by his mother and his partner. His family has requested to respect their privacy and to pray for the late TikToker’s soul.

As soon as the news of Wayne’s passing was revealed by his family, fans have started extending their condolences on Twitter and several other social media platforms. But how this TikTok star Big Chubby Passed Away? We have provided all the details we know so far.

Who Was Big Chubby On TikTok?

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Big Chubby whose real name was Wayne Duplock was a British man hailing from Leicester, England. He used to make TikTok videos and was known for spreading positivity and smiles. At the time of his death, he had garnered over 618,000 followers on his TikTok account.

Most of his TikTok videos featured his family members and he was known for making funny videos. At the time of passing Big Chubby was just 88-years-old.

This popular TikTok star had started creating videos in the year 2020 and he rose to popularity very soon. He had amassed more than 16.6 million likes on all his TikTok videos so far.

Besides TikTok, he also actively used Instagram. On his Instagram handle which goes as, @big.chubby.family, Big Chubby has garnered over 21,000 followers. Most of his Instagram posts featured his family members and TikTok videos.

The news of Big Chubby’s passing was revealed by his family on November 26th. His followers have expressed their grief on several social media platforms.

How Did TikTok Star Big Chubby Die?

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To announce the devastating news of Big Chubby’s passing, his partner and mother took to his TikTok handle. In the TikTok video rolled on Friday (November 26th), the family revealed that the popular star Big Chubby has passed away on November 24th.

In the video, his partner said, “Hi, it’s taken us a long time to do this video, but from myself and from Wayne’s mum, we want to inform you that Big Chubby has passed away.”

“It’s still very emotional for all of us at the moment and we want privacy and respect at this moment while we all grieve,” she further added.

Following this, his mother revealed that they would be taking down his TikTok account on Sunday. She further added, “I’d like to thank around 80% of you for being there for him and everything you’ve done for him. You never knew the truth. Wayne was struggling, Wayne was in pain. He loved you all because you made him happy for those last few weeks and months of his life.”

“Please respect my son now and let him rest in peace,” she added.

This jolly TikTok content creator has passed away after contracting Covid-19 and developing Pneumonia. He was hospitalized in the first week of November and has sadly passed away after remaining in hospital for 22 days.

Tributes are flooding Twitter after fans have heard about the awful news.

One person wrote, “I’m so sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you al. RIP Wayne.”

Another wrote, “Very sad news. May Wayne RIP. What a character he was love”.

“Absolutely tragic. Wayne was one of the brightest beacons of positivity on this whole app. I’m so sorry for your loss. RIP,” said another.

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Bottom Line

This was all about when and how the TikTok Star Big Chubby has passed away. May his soul fly high in the sky.

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