Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Update Season 3 Patch Notes – Revealed

September 6th is the day for Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 update to arrive and the Season 3 Patch Notes are also being confirmed already. Below we have provided all the details about what is planned and confirmed for the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

Ubisoft is reporting adding a new launcher item to the gameplay and is revealing a new operator titled Grim, which hails from Singapore.

The coming week is going to be an exciting one as there are a lot of exciting changes taking place in the game. The R6 development team has already revealed several changes and improvements that are provided in the official patch notes list.

Below we have provided all the details about Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Update and the Season three patch notes. Scroll down to find all the details.

What Are The Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Update Patch Notes?

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One of the major updates that is taking place today for Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 update is the new Grim Attacker Operator. The Grim Attacker Operator possesses a pistol Secondary, 552 Commando, and a shotgun.

What makes the Grim Attacker Operator so special is his Kawan Hive Launcher. This launcher releases a swarm of AI that can easily track the opponents who walk into its multitude.

Another major update that you will notice today is a new permanent map. You will get to see Stadium Bravo which is a replacement for Stadium 2021. As revealed by Ubisoft the new Stadium Bravo is a combination of Border and Coastline.

Below we have shared the entire list of patch notes shared by Ubisoft. You will also find all the improvements and changes in the below patch notes list:

1. You can gift a battle pass to your friends via Ubisoft Connect.

2. Player protection feature has introduced penalties against abusive text chat.

Below is all the detail revealed by Ubisoft about the Weapon Recoil:


We overhauled the recoil system with the aim of making weapon recoil more meaningful. In this new system:

  • Vertical recoil has been reviewed on all weapons and adjusted to match the weapon’s expected power level.
  • Vertical and horizontal recoil intensity increases during sustained fire bursts. The longer the burst, the stronger the recoil.
  • Limits on weapons with strong recoil have mostly stayed the same.
  • LMGs and weapons with high-capacity magazines now have a 4th stage of recoil that’s harder to control.
  • Weapons have more attachment options. This feature will be available for both Console and PC.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 Changes

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  • Recoil on console now works differently compared to PC.
  • In the past, console recoil was adjusted based on PC values and modified for console. With this approach, console recoil values can be adjusted separately from the PC allowing us to focus on the needs of the console more accurately.

This season we’re adding the Impact EMP Grenade, a new throwable gadget that explodes on impact to deactivate nearby electronic devices for a short period of time.


We’ve changed the Map Ban Phase to now display 5 maps instead of 3. This will increase map diversity while also maintaining player agency for removing certain maps from the pool.


We’ve updated the Tactical Map to provide more crucial information to Attackers and help them make more informed decisions during the Preparation Phase.

  • Attackers can now see a list of available Defender objective locations.
  • The floor map and objective locations will be displayed when they are discovered by the Attacking team.



  • Reduced the activation time to 4s (was 5s)


  • Reduced the radius at which minimum damage is taken to 3.6m (was 5m)
  • Reduced the radius at which maximum damage is taken to 2m (was 2.5m)

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 Changes And Patch Notes


Weapon Sights:

Maximum magnification changes:

  • Capitao Para: +2.0
  • Blackbeard MK17: +2.0
  • Iana G36: +1.5
  • Frost C1: +1.5
  • Pulse UMP: +1.5
  • Goyo Vector .45 ACP: +1.5
  • Ace AK-12: -2.0 +1.5
  • Iana ARX: -1.5
  • Mute MP5K: -1.5
  • Nomad ARX: -2.5 +1.5
  • Sledge L85A2: -2.5
  • Kaid AUG: -1.5
  • Finka 6P41: -2.5 +2.0
  • Zofia LMG-E: -2.5
  • Wamai MP5: -1.5

Added the following magnification levels below a weapon’s maximum magnification:

  • Alibi ACS12: +1.5
  • Amaru G8A1: +1.5
  • Dokkaebi BOSG: +1.5 +2.0
  • Finka Spear: +1.5x
  • Fuze AK-12: +1.5
  • Fuze 6P41: +2.0
  • Gridlock F90: +1.5
  • Goyo TCSG: +1.5
  • Hibana Type: +2.0
  • IQ AUG: +1.5 +2.0
  • Jackal C7E: +1.5
  • Kaid TCSG: +1.5
  • Lion V308: +1.5
  • Maestro ACS12: +1.5
  • Nomad AK74: +2.0
  • Osa 556: +1.5
  • Rook MP5: +1.5
  • Thermite 556: +1.5
  • Thatcher AR33: +2.0
  • Thatcher L85A2: +1.5
  • Vigil BOSG: +1.5 +2.0
  • Zofia M762: +1.5

Patch Notes Continued

Flash Hider:

  • Removed from: 417, OTs-03, CAMRS, SR-25, Mk14
  • Added to: C1 9mm

Extended Barrel:

  • Added to: 9x19VSN, AUG A3, Commando 9, MP5K, FMG9, MPX, PDW9, T-5, SPSMG 9, 552 Commando, G36C, Spear.308, Bearing-9, K1A, MP7, F90, UZK50GI, MP5, F2

Muzzle Brake:

  • Added to: 6P41, AUG A2, G8A1, M249, Bearing-9, M249 SAW, SMG-11, SPSMG9, C1 9mm


  • Added to: 6P41, M249 SAW, FMG9, SPSMG9, MP5, P90, C1 9mm, M12


  • Removed damage penalty

Vertical Grip:

  • Added to: OTs-03, ARX, C1 9mm, T-5

Angled Grip:

  • Added to: L85A1, R4C, 417, OTs-03, 6P41, SR25, M249, LMG-E, Spear .308, ARX, F90, M249 SAW, MP5, 416-C, Vector .45 ACP, T-5, SMG-11


  • Added to: OTs-03, G8A1, GSH-18, C75-Auto


HUD Updates

  • Updated compass icons for eliminated and downed players
  • Fixed color inconsistencies of objective icons and inventory panel
  • Fixed color inconsistency of gadgets


  • Players who have disconnected from the session can now be reported.
  • Can now report players directly from Match Replay


  • Added Stadium Bravo Map to Ranked, Unranked, Quick Match, TDM and Newcomer
  • Removed Bartlett from Custom Game
  • Changed Newcomer bombsites according to latest Ranked data.


  • Action phase time increased to 7:30 min from 5 min.
  • Operator pick phase time decreased to 20 seconds from 30
  • Kill limit increased to 90 from 75.
  • Increased reward amounts in the playlist

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The Last Words

This was all about the Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Update and the Season 3 Patch Notes. Hopefully, the information provided here was helpful.

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