Leaked NBA 2k23 Player Ratings – Revealed

The Take-Two interactive is all set to reveal the NBA 2k23 Player Ratings but fans claim that the ratings and overalls are leaked already. If you want to know all the leaked overalls and player ratings for NBA 2k23 ahead of the official reveal, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know.

A lot about this year’s NBA installment is revealed including the soundtrack that features Megan Thee Stallion and 50+ other artists. It is also being confirmed that the G.O.A.T Boat is also there which is exclusive for the current gen. So, the current year’s installment is going to be fun.

Players are anxious to take a glance at the City and to get all the relevant details. The good news is we don’t have to rely on the leaks anymore as all the official details about the overalls are getting confirmed today.

NBA 2k23 Player Leaked Ratings

Image Of NBA 2k23 Player Leaked Ratings

Below we have added all the leaded NBA 2k23 Player Ratings and overalls. Check it out!

Golden State Warriors:

  • Stephen Curry – 96
  • Andrew Wiggins – 84
  • Jordan Poole – 83
  • Klay Thompson – 83
  • Draymond Green – 83

Boston Celtics:

  • Jayson Tatum – 93
  • Jaylen Brown – 87
  • Robert Williams – 85
  • Marcus Smart – 82
  • Al Horford – 82

All the above information has come with the courtesy of the Twitter account ClutchPointsApp. This account has also claimed that Patrick Beverley is a 79 while Russell Westbrook is a 78.

Besides the above, below are some more detail of the overalls and NBA 2k23 player ratings leaked by RealSPort101:

Los Angeles Lakers:

  • LeBron James – 96
  • Anthony Davis – 90
  • Russell Westbrook – 78
  • Thomas Bryant – 76
  • Lonnie Walker IV – 75

Charlotte Hornets:

  • LaMelo Ball – 87
  • Miles Bridges – 83
  • Terry Rozier III – 82
  • Gordan Hayward – 80
  • Kelly Oubre Jr. – 79

New York Knicks:

  • RJ Barrett – 84
  • Jalen Brunson – 83
  • Julius Randle – 82
  • Mitchell Robinson – 81
  • Derrick Rose – 81

Although several other leaks and overalls details are flaunted across the internet, none of the information is being confirmed by official sources.  

NBA 2K23 Overalls Reveal Date

Image Of NBA 2K23 Overalls Reveal Date

You will get all the confirmed overalls and player rating lists on September 6th. Today is the reveal day of NBA 2K23 player ratings and overalls.

Besides the overalls, you will also get to see the debut of some more gameplay content. Follow the below schedule to get all the details about Player Ratings Reveal and all other essential information:

  • Player Ratings Reveal and More Gameplay Content – Sep 6th
  • The City (New Gen) – Sep 7th
  • NBA 2K23 Season One – Sep 8th
  • 2K Day – Sep 9th

If you want to keep check of all the information related to NBA 2K23, you must follow the official Twitter handle of NBA, NBA2K to stay updated about all the information.

In other news from NBA 2k23, the 2KDay countdown has begun already on 31st August 2022. You can follow NBA2k, the official Twitter account to keep stock of all the important details.

You will get the details of player ratings and overalls on September 6th while all the details about the City will be made available on the 7th of September 2022. Following this, you will get all the remaining details on the 8th and 9th of September.

Remember that, as of writing none of the information provided above is confirmed by the official sources.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the Leaked details of NBA 2k23 Player Ratings and overalls. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know. Follow us to know more trending gaming news.

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