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Looking for Minecraft Repair Bow? If yes, then luckily you have reached the most related post. Keep reading and learn how to repair bow in Minecraft with an Anvil. Stick with the article!

If you are a regular player of Minecraft, then you might have idea about the bow. For those who are new to this game field, it is a weapon in Minecraft game that enables you to kill your enemies and also hunt the animals. You will find two types of bows in the game, Ordinary and enchanted bow.

Some of the players might break a piece of this incredible weapon while playing and it is quite normal. So, if you are one of those who have broke a piece of bow then this post will articulate the methods to fix it right away. Keep reading and get your bow fixed!

How To Repair A Bow In Minecraft 

Image Of How To Repair A Bow In Minecraft

To repair the bow, there are two easy methods. You can follow any of the methods provided below to fix your weapon.

The first method is to fix the bow using an Anvil in Minecraft

While following the second method, you can prepare a bow using a Crafting table.

Let’s discuss both these methods in detail,

1. Craft an anvil in Minecraft

To fix your equipment in the Minecraft you will need an Anvil. It is also used to rename and combine items that are available in your inventory. If you want to craft an Anvil, then it is a must to have 4 Iron ingots and 3 iron blocks in your inventory box. Here is how to craft an Anvil.

Firstly open a crafting table of 3×3 grid, then arrange the 4 Iron ingots and 3 iron blocks in the pattern as shown in the image above. This way you can craft an Anvil. Now to fix inventory, open Anvil and then put the bow you want to repair in the first slot and unit of material used to make a bow in the second slot. Anvil will fix your bow automatically now.

If you have more than one enchanted bows in your inventory, then simply combine them by using Anvil.  This will use some of your XPs but you will get more powerful and durable bows. You can also merge your ordinary bow with your enchanted bow to get a more durable enchanted bow.

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Minecraft How To Repair A Bow

2. Fix a Bow using Crafting Table

The second method to fix the bow is using the crafting table. Using the craft table, your bows will get more durable than before. All you have to do is drop two regular bows from the inventory box to the craft table.

The point to ponder here is that, crafting table is good to fix an ordinary bow. Because fixing the enchanted bows using crafting table will make them an ordinary bow. So, it isn’t a good idea to repair the enchanted bows using crafting table.

You should also note the point that if you don’t use an anvil during the crafting of the Enchant equipment then enchantment of the equipment will not preserve. For the first method, the important point to remember is, an Anvil must accept the jobs up to the level of 39. While the level required for enchanting is 30.

So this way, you can always get prepared to attack your enemies from a long-range with the bows and it will also save you from their attacking range.

Concluding Words

This was all about the Minecraft Repair Bow, hope the methods provided in this article will help you get your bows repaired instantly.

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