TikTok Keeps Stopping — Here Is Why!

Are you annoyed because your TikTok Keeps Stopping and now you are looking for the reason behind this annoying glitch? If yes then you have opened the most relevant post. Keep reading to know the reason behind your TikTok crashing issue.

TikTok has become host to billions of videos as of now. Millions of videos are rolled on this Chinese platform on daily basis. Being an intensively used platform, sometimes it faces server related issues. It is quite normal for an application to crash suddenly but if it keeps on crashing for a longer period then there surely is a problem with your app.

Sometimes the issue may occur due to limited space in your device or sometimes due to the redundant bulky files. Such problems get solved after reinstalling the application and clearing cache files but if you are facing the problem again despite of trying the above mentioned procedures then there might be something serious.

TikTok users are facing a similar situation currently. Yesterday on 22nd March, several users complained about their TikTok App crashing. People took it twitter to know whether they are alone in this trouble or not.

Why TikTok Keeps Stopping On Android

Image Of Why TikTok Keeps Stopping On Android

TikTok users have complained about App crashing on 22nd of March. This is not the first time, TikTok users have faced such a situation. On March 14th, users complained about their messages not working. Users have expressed their displeasure towards the app on various other social media platforms.

Though, TikTok authorities haven’t discussed anything about the issue but most likely it is an internal glitch. The issue is being encountered by several users and they have expressed their concerns over Twitter.

One user posted on twitter saying if anyone else has encountered the issue or not, here is what the tweet says, “Does anyone else’s TikTok keep crashing because mine does I tried uninstalling it to see if it helps but now it won’t even let me log in

TikTok Keeps Crashing

Image Of TikTok Keeps Crashing

After experiencing TikTok App stopping, most of the users have reinstalled the app, but unluckily they have failed to resolve the issue. Some users have even complained that they were even unable to login to their accounts after reinstalling the app. Here is what users have shared on Twitter ““Does anyone else TikTok keep crashing because mine does I tried uninstalling it to see if it helps but now it won’t even let me log in.”

The saddest tweet made by a user said that they lost the video they had recorded due to the app crashing. Here is what the tweet says, I recorded a TikTok and the app keeps crashing and I have now lost the video.” This user has shared their concern with a cry emoji and with hashtag #sad. Indeed this is something saddening!

How To Fix TikTok Crashing Issue

Before the crashing issue, the users faced another error that didn’t allow them to view their direct messages. Talking about the error one user complained on twitter, ““Well it looks like I’m not opening the clock app for a minute. Tiktok is having an issue opening DMs without crashing. #greatjob notifications bug me so I really can’t stand seeing the Red Dot with numbers in it.”

As of now the reason behind this glitch is not confirmed by TikTok. But they have assured the users to fix the issue very soon. If you are facing the issue then we would suggest you to wait until the app developers fix it.

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Last Words

This was all about the TikTok app crashing. We just hope that the error will get fixed very soon. Further, we expect that TikTok won’t disappoint us with its performance.

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