MIT Meaning In Overwatch 2 – Explained

As Overwatch 2 is out on PC and Console, players are confused about certain things. The first acronym that is confusing the players on Overwatch 2 Scoreboard is ‘MIT’ and they are looking to know its meaning. If you are among these players who are looking for the meaning of MIT in Overwatch 2, we have got you covered. Below is everything you need to know about MIT meaning in Overwatch 2 and also the Scoreboard.

Players are not really happy about the launch of Overwatch 2. They believe it is a rough launch, they are coming across several errors within the first few days of the game’s launch.

The first issue that the game faced was a DDoS attack and then followed by a variety of errors. The most annoying error is the one that says, ‘Player Is In A Different Version Of Overwatch’. This error is restricting the players from playing the game and they don’t seem happy about it.

Another thing that players haven’t found cool is the permanent change from 6v6 action to 5v5 only. Besides this, they also expressed their dismay over the cost of the skins.

While Overwatch 2 has got a bad start, players are struggling to understand the meaning of several terms that they are coming across, one such term is ‘MIT’. Though we cannot help you much with the errors and skins cost, we can at least help you understand the meaning of ‘MIT’ in Overwatch 2.

What Is The Meaning Of MIT In Overwatch 2?

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The meaning of MIT in Overwatch 2 is ‘mitigated damage’. The reason why all the fans of Overwatch 2 have found this term alien is that it is a new statistic added recently.

It was revealed in the Patch Notes released in July 2022. The Patch Notes explain it, “It is a new statistic that encompasses the previous Damage Blocked, but also keeps track of damage prevented by effects such as Ana’s Nano Boost or Orisa’s Fortify’.

For this statistic, the Tank heroes have got the best defensive abilities. It translates that; you can receive higher scores by counting on characters such as D.Va, newcomer Junker Queen, Orisa, and Sigma.

Besides MIT and some other acronyms, Overwatch 2 players are facing some major errors. They have reported the errors on Twitter already. To the complaints, the game developers have added that they are aware of the issues.

Addressing the prevailing issues, the official Overwatch 2 Twitter handle wrote, “Our servers are ramping up FAST for the launch of #Overwatch2!

That said- we are aware of some issues as even more players join in on the fun!”

What Does MIT Mean In Overwatch 2?

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Apart from MIT, you will also witness some major changes to Scoreboard. Some changes to the Assist statistic are also been made.

It now measures what a player earns in what was previously referred to as Defensive or Offensive Assists. Below are some other prominent changes that were made to the PvP betas:

  • The layout is being completely reorganized, and they have bought the most important information together for an easier viewing experience
  • The ultimate progress indicators are also been improved and they now show numeric values
  • Increased transparency to allow you to see more of the game action while viewing the scoreboard

While looking at the Scoreboard, you will see some columns titled, E, A, D, DMG, H, and MIT. You must also be confused about what these mean. Well, these again are pretty simple.

Following the sequence of the columns these mean, Eliminations, Assists, Deaths, Hero Damage dealt, Healing Done, and Damage Mitigated.

If you have found some other confusing terms, you can provide them in the comment box so that we can help you out with them as well. After all, having a good understanding of the game is entirely depending on how well you understand the game terminologies.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the meaning of MIT in Overwatch 2 is and some other related information. Hopefully, you have now got a better understanding of this term. Follow us to get information about all the trendy online games.

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