Why Is Instagram Not Working On iPhone? Error Explained

Instagram has a long history of glitches and issues. Currently, iPhone users are complaining that Instagram is not working on their devices; here is a guide on why this issue is hitting iPhone users only and a few potential fixes.

Lately, Instagram is making headlines for all bad reasons. The app is encountering a variety of glitches and users are not happy about it. From errors that prevented the users from sending DMs to ones that stopped them from using filters, the app has a long long record of glitches.

The major glitch that several users from across the globe have reported is, Instagram crashing error. For several users, both iOS and Android, the app suddenly crashes leaving the users confused.

Some users also have reported being logged out of their handle without them knowing and later not being able to log in to their handle.

Altogether, the Instagram app keeps encountering uncountable errors. The recent error that users are discussing over Twitter is that the Instagram app is not working for iOS users. iPhone users are confused as the app is not working when opened from any iOS device while it works pretty well on their Android devices.

Though Instagram has not stepped forward to talk about the issue, below we have detailed the reason why Is Instagram Not Working On iPhone only and a few possible fixes to get rid of the issue.

Instagram Won’t Open For iPhone Users – Users Flooded Twitter With Complaints

Image Of Instagram Won’t Open For iPhone Users – Users Flooded Twitter With Complaints

The complaints revealing that Instagram is crashing on iPhone devices started flooding Twitter on Tuesday, October 4.

Several users asked their fellow Android users to check if the app works well for them or not. To their surprise, they came to know that the issue prevails only for iOS users.

As several complaints reporting the issue are filed on Twitter, the hashtag ‘Instagram Down’ is now trending on the Bird App.

Android users have joined the trend of sharing the status on their devices. While Instagram is not working well for iOS users, it is treating Android users pretty well.

A few users have reported that they have tried every possible fix to get rid of the issue but nothing worked for them. They have revealed that they uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but the issue still remains there.

Here is how users have reported the error on Twitter:

One user said, “Today the application Instagram started crashing on my iPhone 13 pro max. I rebooted my device and uninstalled/installed the application with no luck. A fix would be greatly appreciated.”

Another added, “@Apple yea I just got the new iPhone 14 pro max and I updated my phone to the latest update and my Instagram is the only app that keeps crashing on me and not allowing me to open it up and it’s annoying I don’t like it makes me mad so fix the issue please,”

A third iPhone user wrote, “@instagram any idea when you’re gonna fix the instant crash thing? It’s happening to me. I have an iPhone. I tried deleting and then reinstalling the app. That fixed it for a bit but now it’s back to crashing as soon as I open it.”

Why Is Instagram Crashing On iPhone Devices?

Image Of Why Is Instagram Crashing On iPhone Devices

One thing that is common about this issue is, the users who are encountering this issue are all using the app on the latest Apple devices. Considering this, some users have reached Apple as well to check if it is something at their end.

However, both Apple and Instagram have not talked about the issue yet.

If you are unable to use your favorite social media app following this error, try the below fixes to check if they work.

One reason Why Is Instagram Not Working on your iPhone may be linked to the app’s version. Sometimes, such an issue appears as a result of the device’s non-compatibility with the app version. So, try updating your Instagram app or you can even try downgrading the app version.

This may also be a result of an abundant app cache. Try to clear all the redundant files stored on your device to help your applications work smoothly.

If nothing works, reach Instagram support for more information about the issue.

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The Bottom Line

This was all from Why Is Instagram Not Working on your iPhone device and potential fixes to get rid of this error. Hopefully, the issue will get fixed soon as Instagram often quickly responds to glitches.

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