Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.0 – Patch Notes And More!

The Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.0 is here and players are wondering to know the major changes and patch notes. Though the information shared about the system update version 15.0.0 is not clear, data miners have come to rescue us all. Below we have broken down everything about the Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.0 and the major changes that are all set to hit the screens.

Quite similar to all the previous Nintendo Switch firmware updates, the update 15.0.0 also has shocked users today by arriving without a prior warning.

Considering this, players have rushed to check the 15.0.0 update patch notes but unluckily the patch notes are vague. To help all these players who are finding it difficult to access and understand the Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.0 patch notes, we have got your back. Below we have detailed everything that you need to know. Keep reading!

What Are The Key Changes For Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.0?

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Some of the major changes that we have come to know about are, moving the Bluetooth audio menu and screenshot support added to Nintendo Switch Online. The data miners of Switch, iOS, and macOS and modder OatMealDome have discussed the latest updates in detail on the Bird App, and Twitter.

As per the available information, the Chinese naughty words are also being updated. What the players are most happy about is the update that the Pro Controller Bluetooth firmware has got.

As shared by the American Nintendo Support page, below are some major updates that you are going to witness:

  • As we have explained above, a major update to the Bluetooth audio has been made. The location of the Bluetooth Audio menu within System Settings has moved.
  • Following the new update, you can now take Screenshots using the Capture Button while in the Nintendo Switch Online application found on the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu.
    • Note that the Video capture feature is not supported with the update this time.
  • Some General system stability improvements are also being made to enhance the user’s experience.

Nintendo has further revealed that they are constantly thriving to improve the functionality of its services and systems to give the best possible experience to its users. As part of this, the developers have made the latest Nintendo Switch System updates available to download via the internet.

The developers have also revealed that, if you are connected to the internet, the Nintendo Switch will automatically download the latest system updates. The latest version 15.0.0 is made available to download on 10th October 2022.

Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.0 Patch Notes

Image Of Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.0 Patch Notes

As per the information shared by OatMealDomes in their latest Twitter post, the following are the patch notes added to the latest update:

  • The Handling for Ethernet adapters is now moved to its own dedicated OS module.
  • Pro Controller Bluetooth firmware was updated.
  • With the new update, various error messages are added, and some old error messages are also changed/replaced.
  • As you attempt to exceed the max headphone volume while the limiter is on you will get a pop-up on your screen.
  • Bad words for Mainland China were updated.
  • The time zone database (zoneinfo) was updated to the latest from ICANN.
  • Text related to Australian + NZ privacy laws were added.

 If you looking to get the new update, what you are required to do is, verify your current menu version first. Next, start the update manually from the system settings menu if the update is not downloaded on Nintendo automatically.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Nintendo Switch System Update 15.0.0 brings for the players and the patch notes and major changes. Hopefully, you have got all your queries resolved. If you still have any confusion, let us know using the below comment box.

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